How to book your home cleaning in Geneva

  • Select the date & time you'd like a Geneva based cleaning lady to arrive.

    Select the date & time you'd like a Geneva based cleaning lady to arrive.

  • Your booking is confirmed once your new employee accepts the contract, and your payment is secured.

    Your booking is confirmed once your new employee accepts the contract, and your payment is secured.

  • Your home is cleaned professionally, according to your needs. Enjoy your free time.

    Your home is cleaned professionally, according to your needs. Enjoy your free time.

What are the advantages?

As a client

  • Hand-picked trustworthy cleaners
  • Declaration & Insurance of your employee
  • Strong employer support
  • Less paperwork

As the employee

  • Security: a reliable source of income from a single employer
  • Work close to home
  • Declared and insured work
  • Strong employee support

Why choose Batmaid?

Trusted professionals
Trusted professionals

All cleaners have been carefully screened, interviewed and tested by our company. We check their background, references and police record. All this to ensure your employee meets the highest quality standards.

Safe & easy hiring
Safe & easy hiring

Hire your qualified housekeeper in Geneva in a few clicks! Our system displays the availability of the pre-selected and highest-rated cleaners in your area in real time.

The alternative to Black Market
The alternative to Black Market

So far, Batmaid has helped over 3,000 cleaners make their way out of the black market, to find employers, via its platform for private placement.

Employee Insured & Declared
Employee Insured & Declared

Forget the paperwork. Our trust service handles the declaration and payment of payroll taxes on your behalf.

Why Batmaid?

The word "Batmaid" is a way for us to evoke the heroes of the shadows, who do a fantastic job every day in difficult conditions and take care of our homes. Their passion for their work and commitment is something we want to highlight.

By choosing Batmaid, you're bringing more justice to the home cleaning industry.
Andreas Schollin-Borg, CEO of Batmaid

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What are the Geneva locals saying about Batmaid?

"I am the father of 4 children, who are between 2 and 6 years old. My wife works a lot and I run around all day to take care of the little ones, tidy up behind them, do the shopping, get the means to go to school, prepare the snack, help the older one with her homework... I ended up subscribing to Batmaid's services, and at least I don't run anymore to do the cleaning!"

reviewed by Frédéric

"I used your service today for the first time, and I have nothing to complain about. My cleaning agent is friendly, and he REALLY does a good job. For a few more francs than before, I no longer have someone leaving shoe marks in my bathroom, and it took me 2 minutes to book your services. I definitely choose your agency!"

reviewed by Karine

"Honestly, since I've been using Batmaid, I've been enjoying my Sundays. There you go, thank you."

reviewed by Phillipe

"One day, a friend asked me how to declare his cleaning lady, because it seemed very complicated. I laughed and told him "you just have to sign the Batmaid Management Mandate", it was like being in a commercial."

reviewed by Carole

"I am delighted with Setalem's work. I have had the opportunity for years to hire cleaning women but have never had at my service a person like her who a is real home fairy, who kneels down to clean table legs, remove dust on baseboards, take the handle of the broom with a mop or dust paw to go under furniture and remove dust on paintings."

reviewed by Amelie

"Perfect cleaning! I only want Cristiane to clean my home!"

reviewed by Françoise

"My Batmaid is very professional and very available! Top!"

reviewed by Ariane

"Thérèse has done an excellent cleaning job, one of the best since I started employing cleaning women. Is she available to clean all the time? In particular, she did a remarkable job on cleaning the shower and floors of the home and kitchen. Thank you for letting me know."

reviewed by Alexis

"My first Batmaid: perfect. My second Batmaid: she came 30 minutes late. So I stopped using your services for six months. Then one day when I had to move, I finally called you again. And there: a perfect cleaning! So yes, not all Batmaids are perfect, but you select your cleaning women very well. Well done."

reviewed by Pascal

"All the work was very well done. Ms. Jeanne is not only very good in what she does but also a very good person."

reviewed by Leila

"I asked in the reservation to do the inside of the fridge and the inside of the oven and these interventions were done perfectly. Has the request been forwarded for my reservation next week?"

reviewed by Suzanne

"Excellent employee, she's perfect, you have a pearl!"

reviewed by Lisa

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Ready to become a professional cleaner?

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Ready to become a professional cleaner?
  • Hand-picked cleaners
  • Your personal employee
  • Declared & insured
  • Less paperwork
  • Strong employer support
  • Quick & Easy hiring
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