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How to book your home cleaning in Fribourg

  • Select the date & time you would like your cleaning lady to show up in Fribourg. 1

    Select the date & time you would like your cleaning lady to show up in Fribourg.

  • Your booking is confirmed, and your payment is secured. 2

    Your booking is confirmed, and your payment is secured.

  • Your home is cleaned professionally, according to your needs. Enjoy your free time. 3

    Your home is cleaned professionally, according to your needs. Enjoy your free time.

Why choose Batmaid cleaning service?


All Batmaids have been carefully screened, interviewed and tested by our company. We check their background, references, track-record and police record. All this to ensure the highest quality standards.


Book your qualified housekeeper in Fribourg in a few clicks! Our system displays the availability of the pre-selected and highest-rated cleaners in your area in real time.


Just give it a try! Batmaid will make sure your first selected maid is your best match! We will always find a solution in case you are not fully happy!


Forget about paperwork and insurances for your employed cleaner: Batmaid does the full legal declaration and social security contributions payment on your behalf!

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What people from Fribourg think about our home cleaning service

"Cleaning done perfectly! Everything is perfect, dishes done, towels folded, more than I expected. I highly recommend Lourdes!"

reviewed by Marie

"A big thank you! Super clean apartment and what a beautiful gesture to make the bed with so much care. Very appreciative, thank you for this quality service!"

reviewed by Anne-Laure

"Simply perfect! Punctual, efficient, super friendly, organized! She can come back anytime she wants. We love her and we adopt her!"

reviewed by Richelle

"Liliana takes initiatives and adapts to our family life. Thank you for your flexibility and hard work."

reviewed by Désirée

"Top! Super careful and detailed work. In addition, my Batmaid is sensitive to environmental issues (prefers fabric cloths instead of kitchen paper and is used to organic products), a great plus for me."

reviewed by Sophie

"Super practical Cleaning well done PERFECT telephone service"

reviewed by Elisabeth

"This is the first time we have used your services and we have been completely satisfied! We were lucky to have a great Batmaid. The cleaning was very well done, and we appreciated receiving a short message from her to let us know that everything went well when she left!"

reviewed by Laure

"Great, what a pleasure to enter a clean house, and to feel confident with the person who makes this possible! Thank you!"

reviewed by Sandrine

"Great cleaning. She seemed a bit in a hurry. Some minor things have been missed (dust on some mirrors, dusting sofa...)"

reviewed by Yvonne

"Thank you very much to my Batmaid for cleaning the fridge. I am really very happy with the quality of the work done every time."

reviewed by Sophie

"Very happy with this first cleaning in my apartment. Thanks also to your staff who managed to find me a Batmaid at the drop of a hat to replace the first one who was sick!"

reviewed by Noemie

"Perfect cleaning!!! Our Batmaid has exceeded our expectations. When we got back, the apartment smelled good and shone everywhere we looked. Thank you!"

reviewed by Estefania

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Ready to become a professional cleaner?

Ready to book your cleaning lady in Fribourg now?

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Ready to book your cleaning lady in Fribourg now?

Ready to become a professional cleaner in Fribourg?

" Working with Batmaid gives me an additional income and all cleanings that I accept are near where I live. "

Amandine - Batmaid cleaning professional in Fribourg

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