How to book your home cleaning in Bern

  • Select the date & time you'd like a Bern based cleaning lady to arrive.

    Select the date & time you'd like a Bern based cleaning lady to arrive.

  • Your booking is confirmed once your new employee accepts the contract, and your payment is secured.

    Your booking is confirmed once your new employee accepts the contract, and your payment is secured.

  • Your home is cleaned professionally, according to your needs. Enjoy your free time.

    Your home is cleaned professionally, according to your needs. Enjoy your free time.

What are the advantages?

As a client

  • Hand-picked trustworthy cleaners
  • Declaration & Insurance of your employee
  • Strong employer support
  • Less paperwork

As the employee

  • Security: a reliable source of income from a single employer
  • Work close to home
  • Declared and insured work
  • Strong employee support

Why choose Batmaid?

Trusted professionals
Trusted professionals

All cleaners have been carefully screened, interviewed and tested by our company. We check their background, references and police record. All this to ensure your employee meets the highest quality standards.

Safe & easy hiring
Safe & easy hiring

Hire your qualified housekeeper in Bern in a few clicks! Our system displays the availability of the pre-selected and highest-rated cleaners in your area in real time.

The alternative to Black Market
The alternative to Black Market

So far, Batmaid has helped over 3,000 cleaners make their way out of the black market, to find employers, via its platform for private placement.

Employee Insured & Declared
Employee Insured & Declared

Forget the paperwork. Our trust service handles the declaration and payment of payroll taxes on your behalf.

Why Batmaid?

The word "Batmaid" is a way for us to evoke the heroes of the shadows, who do a fantastic job every day in difficult conditions and take care of our homes. Their passion for their work and commitment is something we want to highlight.

By choosing Batmaid, you're bringing more justice to the home cleaning industry.
Andreas Schollin-Borg, CEO of Batmaid

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What are the Bern locals saying about Batmaid?

"Ladies and Gentlemen Everything went according to the plan. The cleaning lady came on time at 08.00h and worked to my complete satisfaction. - As we have already discussed on the phone: you have to increase her remuneration of 1 hour, since the cleaning did not take 2 hours, but 3 hours."

reviewed by Daniel

"Very professional and clean. Everything has been cleaned pico-bello. Thank you very much! Please continue and simply tell me if something is needed, or if something is missing in the cleaning products, etc. Thank you! Thank you!"

reviewed by Stephan

"Long live Batmaid! It's super-fast to book a cleaning, and the hotline is very efficient and friendly, I recommend it!"

reviewed by Alexandra

"A big thank you to our cleaning lady Daniela for taking the initiative to do everything with a broom, as there was a problem with our vacuum cleaner that we were not aware of."

reviewed by Dominic

"Trusting someone who comes to your home for the first time, and whose services you have booked on the Internet, is very sensitive... Batmaid's customer service is really human, you always have someone who answers your questions in a personalized way, and that makes the difference."

reviewed by Doris

"Great work! My bathroom has never been so clean. Thank you very much!"

reviewed by Estelle

"The first time I used Batmaid services, I was very surprised, I had never seen a cleaning agent who seemed so proud to do this job, you really value your cleaning agents."

reviewed by Carol

"Hello, I just wanted to say that I am very happy to have found your website two months ago. I had already used cleaning ladys found by word of mouth, but I had always been disappointed and had never contacted them again. Since I have been using your services, I am satisfied and I know that I am in compliance with the law."

reviewed by Anna

"Super cleaning and excellent service (like in a hotel). Simply great work! He made us smile! In addition, he has a very friendly personality! TOP! Thank you, we would be very happy if you could visit us regularly! THANK YOU VERY MUCH!"

reviewed by Nadya

"I am very happy with his work. My kitchen has never been so shiny. Thank you!!!"

reviewed by Alessandro

"It's always nice to walk into a clean house. Thank you!"

reviewed by Ania

"Great work. Marcia is a great cleaning and ironing fairy!"

reviewed by Evelyne

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  • Niederscherli
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  • Gampelen
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  • Hettiswil b. Hindelbank
  • La Neuveville
  • Schüpfen
  • Thun
  • Steffisburg
  • Heiligenschwendi
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  • Gwatt / Zwieselberg
  • Hilterfingen
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  • Ortschwaben
  • Münchenbuchsee / Diemerswil / Deisswill b. Münchenbuchsee / Wiggiswil / Lätti
  • Boll
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  • Oberwangen b. Bern
  • Frauenkappelen
  • Moosseedorf
  • Gasel
  • Heimberg
  • Reutigen
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  • Trimstein
  • Jegenstorf / Zuzwill BE / Münchringen / Ballmoos
  • Wangen an der Aare / Walliswil b. Niederbipp
  • Attiswil
  • Wiedlisbach
  • Wichtrach
  • Thörishaus
  • Bäriswil BE
  • Lyssach / Rüti b. Lyssach
  • Flamatt
  • Neuenegg
  • Pieterlen
  • Lengnau BE
  • Busswil BE
  • Studen BE
  • Lyss
  • Burgdorf
  • Gals
  • Worben
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Ready to become a professional cleaner?
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