How to book your home cleaning in Basel

  • Select the date & time you'd like a Basel based cleaning lady to arrive.

    Select the date & time you'd like a Basel based cleaning lady to arrive.

  • Your booking is confirmed once your new employee accepts the contract, and your payment is secured.

    Your booking is confirmed once your new employee accepts the contract, and your payment is secured.

  • Your home is cleaned professionally, according to your needs. Enjoy your free time.

    Your home is cleaned professionally, according to your needs. Enjoy your free time.

What are the advantages?

As a client

  • Hand-picked trustworthy cleaners
  • Declaration & Insurance of your employee
  • Strong employer support
  • Less paperwork

As the employee

  • Security: a reliable source of income from a single employer
  • Work close to home
  • Declared and insured work
  • Strong employee support

Why choose Batmaid?

Trusted professionals
Trusted professionals

All cleaners have been carefully screened, interviewed and tested by our company. We check their background, references and police record. All this to ensure your employee meets the highest quality standards.

Safe & easy hiring
Safe & easy hiring

Hire your qualified housekeeper in Basel in a few clicks! Our system displays the availability of the pre-selected and highest-rated cleaners in your area in real time.

The alternative to Black Market
The alternative to Black Market

So far, Batmaid has helped over 3,000 cleaners make their way out of the black market, to find employers, via its platform for private placement.

Employee Insured & Declared
Employee Insured & Declared

Forget the paperwork. Our trust service handles the declaration and payment of payroll taxes on your behalf.

Why Batmaid?

The word "Batmaid" is a way for us to evoke the heroes of the shadows, who do a fantastic job every day in difficult conditions and take care of our homes. Their passion for their work and commitment is something we want to highlight.

By choosing Batmaid, you're bringing more justice to the home cleaning industry.
Andreas Schollin-Borg, CEO of Batmaid

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What are the Basel locals saying about Batmaid?

"Great cleaning job! Very professional and punctual! What a feeling to return back to a fresh and clean home. It is like in a dream. I highly recommend it!"

reviewed by Petra

"I've only recently started using Batmaid's services, and I have immediately been convinced. My cleaning lady is very friendly and flexible, I believe in her to make my apartment shining every week!"

reviewed by Katja

"Very clean apartment, windows and cellar - Batmaid very friendly, helpful and funny (met in person)"

reviewed by Julia

"My cleaning lady Estelita did a great job, I'm happy to have a cleaned house again."

reviewed by Nadya

"Hello, thank you very much for your excellent work, we are delighted!"

reviewed by Beat

"I am very, very happy. Absolutely awesome, I'm grateful to have this cleaning lady for myself every two weeks. She's great!"

reviewed by Michael

"My cleaning lady did a great job. She even took care of the oven even if I didn’t ask for this extra. I appreciate it very much. Thank you very much!"

reviewed by Mark

"Perfect, thank you for the work done, the apartment was very well cleaned, the windows too."

reviewed by Anja

"I confess I didn't trust your ironing services. But I was wrong. My cleaning lady is an ironing professional: quality and speed"

reviewed by Marco

"Everything is well cleaned, even the bed is covered! Thank you. Only detail, all the doors of the rooms were closed and the cat was locked up for few minutes. Next time, please leave the bedroom door open."

reviewed by Evelyne

"Batmaid, the superheroes of my weekends! On Thursday evenings, after picking up the children from school, I can take the time to take them to the park and I know that when I get home everything will be fine. I have more free time, and I'm much more relaxed. Thank you!"

reviewed by Alexandra

"I have been using your cleaning service for 1 year. Last time, I wasn’t satisfied with the cleaning done by the cleaning lady who replaced my usual Batmaid... But you sent someone else for free within the week to do the job again. I am conquered!"

reviewed by Katrine

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Ready to become a professional cleaner?

Hire your cleaning lady in Basel

Ready to become a professional cleaner?
  • Hand-picked cleaners
  • Your personal employee
  • Declared & insured
  • Less paperwork
  • Strong employer support
  • Quick & Easy hiring
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    • Sternenhofstrasse 10
    • Hauptstrasse 95
  • Birsfelden

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    • Chrischonastrasse 2
  • Pratteln

    • Burggartenstrasse 21
    • Rheinstrasse 29
    • Rheinstrasse 46
    • Krummeneichstrasse 39
    • Grehrenackerstrsse 7
    • Liebrütistrasse 39
  • Möhlin

    • Hauptstrasse 91
    • Lindenstrasse 3

Batmaid Basel

Phone: 061 383 70 20
Address: Teichgässlein 9/5th floor, 4058 Basel

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"Through Batmaid I was able to get in to contact with multiple employers close to where I live and earn additional income!"

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