Portrait of a smiling employed cleaner wearing a Batmaid apron, confidently posing against a dark blue background

A cleaning that makes all the difference

We are proud to be Switzerland’s No. 1 home cleaning company, employing more than 4,000 cleaners across the country. Our mission: to better people's lives through exceptional cleanings and cutting-edge technology.

  • Swiss cleaning company

    Proudly founded in Lausanne in 2015, we are now active all across Switzerland and in five other countries.

  • Employer of 4,000 cleaning agents

    All of our Batmaids are employed, declared, and insured by us. You don’t have to worry about any paperwork.

  • Online booking platform

    Thanks to our platform and app, managing your cleanings has never been so simple.

Cleaners employed by Batmaid

All cleaning agents are employed and insured by Batmaid and benefit from permanent contracts governed by the Collective Bargaining Agreement in the cleaning sector.

Group of diverse Batmaid cleaning staff posing together, all wearing white aprons with the Batmaid logo and holding cleaning tools.

Cost breakdown

The majority of your payment for regular cleaning covers the cleaner’s salary, social contributions, and employment-related insurances.

Pie chart showing cost breakdown of a cleaning hour: 76% salary and benefits, 9% VAT and fees, 6% client and agent support, 6% technology and administrative costs, 2% profit, and 1% communication
Yellow rubber glove with a clenched fist against a dark blue background, symbolizing the fight against the black market in the cleaning industry

Black Market

Providing declared and insured employment for people in the cleaning industry has always been essential to us, and we are actively engaged in combating undeclared work.

Our History

  • 2015

    Founded in Lausanne in 2015 by Eric Laudet and Andreas Schollin-Borg, who is the current CEO, Batmaid had expanded to cover most regions of Switzerland by 2019. We continue to work on extending our service availability.

  • 2017

    We opened an office in Luxembourg, becoming the first of many others to follow across Europe.

  • 2021

    Batmaid became the legal employer of our cleaning agents, who were previously employed directly by clients. This decision, motivated by a desire to improve employment conditions and social protection in response to the challenges posed by COVID-19, led to the creation of BATGROUP. This new structure encompasses Batmaid, Batsoft, and Batwork, each offering specialized services.

  • 2021

    Also in 2021, Batmaid's expansion in Europe accelerated. We are proud to now offer our services and contribute to the fight against the black market in Switzerland, France, Italy, Germany, Luxembourg, and Belgium.

What we offer

  • Home Cleaning

    Your home is cleaned according to your needs. Choose from a one-time cleaning to regular cleanings with experienced and trusted cleaning agents. They are highly trained and will make your home shine!

  • End-of-Tenancy Cleaning

    You can book your end-of-tenancy cleanings in just a few clicks and within a short period of time. No need to wait for a quote; simply fill out the booking form, select the extras required, and your cleaning is confirmed.

  • Business Cleaning

    From offices and coworking spaces to boutiques and beauty spas, our B2B professionals will take care of your premises. Highly trained, our cleaning agents provide you with a first-rate service.

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