About Batmaid

Our vision

The word Batmaid is a way for us to evoke the heroes in the shadows who, every day, accomplish fantastic feats in a job that is fraught with difficult working conditions. They take care of our homes and their passion and commitment are therefore an essential pillar of this industry that we want to highlight.

In this regard, Batmaid has helped over 6,200 cleaning professionals leave the black market in the home cleaning industry since its inception. We are committed to fighting the black market and job precarity by providing declared and insured employment opportunities for cleaning agents across Switzerland. By offering better protection and social security to workers in the cleaning sector, we ensure safe working conditions and environment.

Andreas Schollin-Borg, CEO Batgroup


Batmaid is a cleaning company that is part of Batgroup SA, a group that was created to reinforce Batmaid's mission to fight the black market. While this message has remained at the heart of the company's business over the years, the next logical step in our ongoing quest was to launch a full range of services related to the cleaning industry.

With Batgroup, we aim to simplify people's lives by bringing high-quality hospitality services to homes around the world.


Batmaid is the leading Swiss cleaning company, offering home cleaning, end-of-tenancy and business cleaning services while fighting against the black market and job insecurity by hiring, declaring and insuring professional cleaning agents.

Our story

From Switzerland to France, Germany, Italy and beyond, Batmaid has significantly evolved since its inception in 2015. Yes, we have grown, but some things remain unchanged. We are still the leading cleaning service provider in Switzerland, and we remain committed and determined to transform the industry’s norms.

We believe cleaning has the power to unlock a higher quality of life for us all. From making cleaning services accessible through your phone to taking cleaning professionals off the black market, and offering them declared and insured job opportunities, we’re fighting work precarity to create a safe and secure working environment for all.


  • 2015: Batmaid opened in Lausanne
  • 2016: Opening of an office in Zurich
  • 2017: Opening of an office in Luxembourg
  • 2018: Opening of an office in Warsaw dedicated to the IT department
  • 2019: opening of an office in Ticino
  • July 2020: official annoucement that Batmaid will be the employer of some cleaning agents by 1 January 2021
  • October 2020: Official announcement that Batmaid will become one group: Batgroup SA, made of three entities: Batmaid, Batsoft and Batwork
  • January 2021: Relaunch of Batgroup, Batmaid, and Batsoft
  • April 2021: Launch of home cleaning products brand, Batmaid Club
  • May 2021: Official announcement of the global expansion in Europe, starting with Paris

2021, Expansion with openings in the following countries:

  • Poland: Warsaw
  • Italy: Milan
  • Germany: Frankfurt
  • Belgium: Brussels
  • The Netherlands: Amsterdam

2022, Expansion with opening in the following cities:

  • Germany: Berlin, Hamburg
  • France: Nice, Bordeaux, Lyon & Cannes

Our core values

  • Teamwork: Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence win championships.
  • Integrity: authenticity, honesty and transparency, that’s what we aim for.
  • Humility: you learn from mistakes and successes in equal measure.
  • Curiosity: It’s your curiosity that will bring new things to the world. Sense of service: we go the extra mile.
  • Creativity: Think out of the box and strive to be one step ahead.
  • Hard work: nothing is possible without hard work.
  • Respect: Treat everyone as you would like to be treated.

Batmaid in a nutshell

  • 98,000+ all-time customers
  • 4mil+ cleanings carried out
  • 6,200 cleaning agents have exited the black market
  • 8 countries covered: Switzerland, Italy, France, Germany, Poland, Belgium, Luxembourg and the Netherlands
  • 185,000+ verified customer reviews online
  • 4000+ dedicated employees: cleaning agents & office staff

Services offered by Batmaid

Home cleaning

Your home is cleaned according to your needs. Choose from a once cleaning to regular cleanings with experienced and trusted cleaning agents. They are highly trained and will make your home shine!

End-of-tenancy cleaning

You can book your end-of-tenancy cleanings in just a few clicks and within a short period of time. No need to wait for a quote, simply fill out the booking form, the extras required and your cleaning is confirmed.

Business cleaning

From office, coworking space, boutique or beauty spa, our b2b professionals will take care of your premises. Highly trained, the cleaning agents will provide you with a first-rate service.

Value your time!