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Ready to rise up to new challenges
within a disruptive tech company?

Vanguard Internet SA owner of Batmaid offers a wide range of jobs in Lausanne, Zürich or Warsaw. Today, we are looking for:

- 1 Intern in Human Resources / Operations Trainee, Zürich or Lausanne.

- 1 Head of Operations, Lausanne.

- 1 Senior PHP Backend developer, Warsaw.

- 1 Junior PHP Backend developer, Warsaw.

- 1 Senior Frontend developer Warsaw.

- 1 React Native developer, Warsaw.

- 1 Lead Software Tester, Warsaw.

- 1 Lead UI/UX designer for web & mobile, Warsaw.

Please send your CV and cover letter to staff@batmaid.com.

If you have an insatiable desire to build something BIG, are passionate about disruptive innovation in services to individuals and identify yourself to the 10 company core values below, then we would be happy to take a look on your spontaneous application also.

  1. Master the Rules, break them, repeat
  2. Turn your Difference into a Vanguard
  3. Vision without Action is a Daydream
  4. Journey is its own Reward
  5. Think big, get big
  6. Work as hard as You can
  7. Make the Most of Yourself
  8. You're dead, without Deadline
  9. Tackle Issues, go deep into Details, endlessly
  10. Never give up, learn from Failures, go into Action