Our checklist for home cleaning

May 14th at 8:55am
Our checklist for home cleaning

"How to clean an oven? How to clean a fridge? What are the best tips and tricks to clean my windows? "

So many questions are asked on the internet. Yes, it’s true- it’s better not to jump into house cleaning without thinking. You run the risk of doing badly and perhaps damaging the furniture or letting bacteria proliferating. (eg Clostridium botunilum)

Our home cleaning company has decided to gather a to-do list to follow when you put on your gloves and fire up your vacuum cleaner.

Last but not least: house cleaning tips will be provided to make your interior dazzling.

Where to start?

Kitchen, bedroom, bathroom ... There is no predefined order, you can judge what seems to be your priority. However, it’s very important to begin with a good tidying up! You won’t get good results after cleaning if everything is messy at the beginning.

Then, there are basic rules that we advise you to follow:

  1. Ventilate a room before cleaning
  2. Clean from the outside to the inside
  3. Clean from top to bottom
  4. Clean from the cleanest to the dirtiest

Specific cleanings :

How to clean an oven


  1. Remove the baking trays and cooking grates to clean them separately
  2. Cleanse the oven walls with a wet cloth
  3. Let the appropriate products operate before rubbing, washing and rinsing
  4. Reinsert trays and grates
  5. Tip: don't hesitate to glance at the oven’s manual

Batmaid tip: remove odours by placing a container filled with hot water and lemon juice in the oven.

How to clean a fridge


  1. Take out all the food (and throw out the old ones if necessary)
  2. Wash with hot water and white vinegar
  3. Rinse and dry
  4. Replace the food, the freshest in the back

Batmaid tip: remove smells by placing a bowl of white vinegar, coffee grounds or half a lemon in the refrigerator.

How to clean the interior windows


  1. If possible (re)move the curtains
  2. Vacuum the windowsills
  3. Wash the surface of the windows
  4. Finish with a microfiber cloth

Batmaid tip: no glass cleaner? A mixture of hot water, white vinegar and washing up liquid will do.

How to clean cupboards and cabinets


  1. Take out all the cupboard’s content
  2. Clean inside with a wet cloth
  3. Dust the items out of the closet before replacing them inside

Batmaid tip: put a fabric softener wipe in your closet to keep your clothes fresh.

Clean each room

How to clean the kitchen


  1. Wash and/or put the dishes away
  2. Clean the sink, tap, worktop and all surfaces
  3. Wipe the micro-wave oven’s inside and outside
  4. Clean the cupboards
  5. Sweep and vacuum, then mop
  6. Clean switches and electrical outlets without any liquid

Batmaid tip : place cotton soaked in lavender or eucalyptus essential oil in a cup to pleasantly scent the kitchen.

How to clean the bathroom


  1. Knock before entering (who knows what you might find?)
  2. Pick up and hang towels and the bath math
  3. Put aside hygiene products (shampoo, shower gel…)
  4. Wash and disinfect the toilet, sink, shower and bath
  5. Clean and dust the cupboards and all surfaces
  6. Vacuum and mop the floor
  7. Replace hygiene products

How to clean a bedroom


  1. Pick up and fold all the clothes lying around
  2. Dust all the furniture
  3. Vacuum, then mop the floor
  4. Make the bed
  5. Clean the door and window handles

Batmaid tip: the objects stored under the bed or on the wardrobes can be covered to avoid them to gather dust.

How to clean your living room and dining room


  1. Remove dust on the furniture with a damp cloth or vacuum cleaner
  2. Wipe the furniture with a cloth
  3. Mop the floor

Batmaid tip: besides being beautiful, a bouquet of flowers in a vase perfumes your room.

Want more practical tips? Why not watch this video we found for you:

Care for more practical cleaning tips?

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