Portrait Operation: Denis

February 11th at 10:34am
Portrait Operation: Denis

Today, we introduce you to a member of our team. You may have already seen him on the photos of the opening of our office in Bern.

In charge of Business Development, say hello to Denis!

His characteristics?

Classy and calm, you can't ignore his sparkling eyes. In addition to that, Denis loves sports, so much so that he changes the discipline from week to week. This versatility perfectly describes his personality: skillful and competent in everything he does.

His mission?

Denis is in charge of Business Development in Bern. In other words, he is responsible for recruiting Batmaids from A to Z. But not only... With the recent opening of our office, Denis also has the mission to promote Batmaid's image throughout the Bernese area!

Why Batmaid?

The opportunity to create and innovate on a daily basis in order to develop the company. The unique startup environment allows everyone to contribute their ideas with th common goal of giving the best out of themselves.

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