Introducing Emir: HR Manager at Batmaid

May 6th at 6:25am
Introducing Emir: HR Manager at Batmaid

HR manager at Batmaid for over two years, Emir.S might be one of the most dedicated and hard-working persons we have met so far! Passionate about his job, he knows almost everyone at the workplace and always has a nice word or a joke for each and every one of us!

He holds the position of HR Manager for the French-speaking part of Switzerland. In contrast to Natalie.T, International Talent Acquisition Manager at Batmaid who recruits the best talents for Batmaid’s offices for every location, Emir on the other hand is responsible for hiring cleaning professionals for the French-speaking part of Switzerland, which includes Vaud, Geneva, Neuchâtel, Fribourg, Valais and Jura.

As we have just opened our first international office in Paris, he has temporarily joined the Paris office to hire the first Batmaids on site.

Dedicated to his job, he is a genuine person who always goes the extra mile to help people and get to know the cleaners personally. Qualities that make him the perfect fit for this job!

And during his interview, you will get a glimpse of it.

What is the most important thing you look for in a potential candidate?

When reviewing a potential candidate, I look for more than the usual expert who knows how to do the job and who possesses all the technical qualities. That’s an excellent start, but that’s not just enough yet.

Indeed, we want people who truly embrace our vision, our company’s qualities, who are ready to become our ambassadors and are able to represent the company. This is the most important thing we look for when hiring Batmaids: genuine people.

What makes you different from another HR Manager?

I don’t wear a tie! A true fact but joke aside, I believe that I am someone who always goes the extra mile to really get to know the cleaning professionals on a personal level.

To be honest, human resources at Batmaid are not mechanical. You really have to go the extra mile, the extra step to be able to know the agents well, to know their story and to understand why they’re here and what they need concretely.

And as an HR Manager, I always make sure to know well the candidate and once hired, the employee. I always make sure to get to know them on a personal level. And I believe that I know every (or almost every) candidate we have hired so far in the French-speaking part of Switzerland. For most of them, I know their families and, their kids. I love to hear from them and even more so when they pop by our offices!

Many of them have interesting stories, a particular journey, that is a 100% worth hearing. And I always take the time to hear them out and help them as best as I can.

An essential quality in order to do your job?

You have to be passionate, you really have to give it your all. Otherwise, this job is not for you.

What is your greatest achievement at Batmaid?

I know it will sound weird, but my greatest achievement so far is to have created a beautiful South-Americans community in Geneva.

The very first agent we hired in Geneva in 2015, Nubia, who by the way is still part of the company after all those years, once invited me to Alasitas (a Bolivian celebration) in Onex. There, she introduced me to the whole community, cousins, friends, family, etc.

The first person I met at this party was Karina, Nubia’s childhood friend. She had a job at the time, but she came back to me 8 months later when she lost that job. She was recruited straight away, and now she still works with us for the biggest B2B contracts we have in Geneva.

And as it turned out, the whole community present at this party became cleaning professionals!

The following week, they all came for an interview and got hired straight away!