Introducing Natalie: International Talent Acquisition Manager at Batmaid

April 21st at 12:39pm
Introducing Natalie: International Talent Acquisit…

Finding, recruiting and retaining the best candidates, this among other things, are the main tasks of any Talent Acquisition Manager. It is an essential job for any company who wishes to recruit new talent but since we are expanding and scaling quickly at Batmaid, this role becomes even more crucial.

Natalie Telin holds the position of International Talent Acquisition Manager at Batmaid. Her innate passion for Human Resources led her to work in this specific field for more than six years and in different sectors such as the automotive and tech scale ups, in various international companies based in Switzerland.

In this interview, she explains to us the importance of finding a candidate that not only knows how to do the job, but actually fits to the values of a company.

Why did you join Batmaid?

I joined Batmaid for three main reasons. The first one being the fact that this company, has an exciting and disruptive business model. The second one would have to be the scale-up opportunity that we have here. And the third one is obviously having a very hard-working team. A company that wants to scale up, needs to have a hard-working team, they need to have the ambition to grow and dynamic operations in order to reach the goal.

Most importantly, I wanted to support Batmaid in their scaling objectives and make sure that every single location is staffed with the best talent that we can possibly have.

What is the most important thing for you, when looking for a candidate?

The most important thing when I’m looking for future talent to work at Batmaid, is their cultural fit. It is important to find someone who can technically do the job and be capable to do what they are applying for and what they will actually be doing here at the company obviously.

But as a start-up growing fast and going at a speed of 100 miles per hour, we have ambitious objectives, and we are aiming high. For a candidate, it means having to hustle at times and devoting themselves to our cause.

And at the same time, I look at whether someone is able to plug and play, integrate with the team and have a good time with the rest of us, all while being able to deliver on objectives.

What do you want to accomplish this year?

I think it is difficult for me to say personally what I want to accomplish. Because ultimately, being an HR manager and a support function to the company and the management team, means that my ultimate goal is to make sure that we, as Batmaid, succeed in everything we do, and achieve the goals set for the companies' growth.

But if I look at what I personally want to accomplish this year in particular, I actually have two main things that I want to achieve. First, I want to staff key talents for all our new locations. It means finding people that need to have at least three main qualities: they need to be hungry, confident, and proactive.

But most importantly, I want to implement new HR processes to help us scale successfully. This includes new HR software to help manage our key administrational needs, upgraded onboarding and overall talent management to name a few.

What makes you different from another HR manager?

I would have to say that, what makes me different, or what differentiates me from another HR Manager, is my background in marketing. I studied international Hospitality management with Ecole Hôtelière de Lausanne, and specialized in digital marketing, marketing intelligence and marketing performance.

It allows me to have in-depth knowledge on the business but also to create a bridge between marketing and HR. Ultimately, I’m able to support the different departments on our employer branding tactics and many other competencies that are needed for the job such as sourcing and targetting the right candidates for the company.

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