Batmaid will become a group

March 10th at 8:42am
Batmaid will become a group

From January 1st, 2021, Batmaid, the number one online home cleaning booking platform, will be different. The company will become Batgroup SA. This group will be divided into three separate entities: Batmaid, Batwork and Batsoft, in order to better fight against the black market.

Since its inception in 2015, Batmaid has been connecting cleaning agents with private employers while declaring and insuring these agents on behalf of the employers by way of a trust mandate. Since the fight against the black market has always been a core goal for the company, the decision to become a group, Batgroup SA, composed of several entities, should reinforce this commitment. “It was crucial for us to create the full range of services relating to the home cleaning sector in order to pursue our mission and reinforce our impact,” explains Andreas Schollin-Borg, CEO and co-founder of Batmaid.

Batmaid: the platform to book a cleaning service. Batmaid is the employer of the agents

In the new organization, the Batmaid of tomorrow will become a separate platform on which cleaning agents will be employed by the company. A cleaning company offering various types of services: home cleanings, end of tenancy and office cleanings. The recruitment process of future collaborators began mid-September and is expected to continue until the end of October. Eventually, Batmaid will have several hundreds of collaborators with fixed contracts.

Batwork: the marketplace to find and recruit your cleaning employee

At the same time and independently, Batwork will allow cleaning agents to connect with private employers. On this platform, the client will be able to hire their household cleaning staff within a reinforced legal framework.

Batsoft: the platform to declare, insure and manage your cleaning employee

The third entity to be created is Batsoft. This platform will allow private employers to have their cleaning agents declared and insured on their behalf, as well as manage their working relationship with them. Batsoft falls in line with the commitments of Batgroup SA and thus offers a simple and effective management of labour relations in the home cleaning sector.

As such, numerous changes await Batmaid in the coming months. Andreas-Scholling rejoices at this prospect: “With this transformation, we are taking a giant leap in reinforcing the legal framework in the home cleaning sector. We will expand our range of products and services and simultaneously grow the company. I’m really looking forward to all these future developments!”

About Batmaid (Vanguard Internet SA)

Batmaid is the first platform that allows individuals to hire private home cleaning professionals. As the Swiss leader in connecting employees and employers, Batmaid has 5 offices with Headquarters in Lausanne and offices in Zürich, Lugano, Poland and Luxembourg. Batmaid currently has more than 85 employees, serving more than 50,000 clients. Batmaid offers a trust service that is unique in Switzerland, whereby cleaning hours are systematically declared and insured on behalf of the client. Furthermore, Batmaid applies a rigorous pre-selection process for cleaning professionals while also providing extensive customer and administrative support.

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