Batmaid accelerates its development

April 16th at 6:38am
Batmaid accelerates its development
  • In its six years of existence, the company reached more than 55,000 clients in Switzerland and enabled more than 2 million hours of cleanin
  • 2020 was a pivotal year in the fight against workplace injustices and undeclared work during the COVID-19 period
  • As of 1 January 2021, over 2,000 cleaning agents have been employed by Batmaid
  • 2021 marks the beginning of the conquest of new markets
  • 15 countries and 21 cities scheduled to open in the next twelve months

Lausanne, 12 April 2021 - After six years of uninterrupted growth, and with 2020 marked by the pandemic which mostly impacts people in precarious work situations, Batmaid has repositioned itself. In a sector that often suffers from few controls and regulations, Batmaid has enabled more than 2,000 cleaning professionals to benefit from declared and insured jobs. "Batmaid has contributed to the fight against undeclared work since its inception and aims to continue transforming the cleaning sector through its simple, fast and secure platform. What we have successfully achieved in Switzerland, we now want to do internationally," says Andreas Schollin-Borg, founder and CEO. From 1 May 2021, Batmaid will launch in France, the first step in a string of other planned market launches.

Switzerland has great potential

With a strong presence in the German and French-speaking parts of Switzerland, Batmaid still has significant room for growth in the market. "With 32% growth in 2020, we will continue to develop across all Swiss cities. By 2025, we aim to employ 10,000 cleaning professionals," says Andreas Schollin-Borg. Batmaid estimates that it currently has a 5-10% share of the Swiss market that is estimated to be worth over CHF 1 billion in total.

Customer and cleaning agent profiles

The typical customer could be a young married couple, average age of 38-40, and with children. But the target demographic is broader, aiming at 18-65 year olds. As for the profiles of the cleaning agents, they represent more than 115 nationalities. The recruitment process requires at least two years' experience with references, and only 5% of all applicants are selected. Those chosen are specialists from all backgrounds.

A commitment to social responsibility

Batmaid has made it possible to democratise and facilitate access to legal, declared and insured employment. "It is a source of pride to be seen as an innovative player," says its founder. “One of our next battles would be to declare and document the undocumented workers, as some cantons do.” As part of its socially responsible commitment, the company is also developing its biodegradable cleaning products, which use recycled packaging (Batmaid Club), in partnership with the NGO One Tree Planted to offset the carbon footprint.

International conquest accompanied by fundraising

In order to support the pace of new market launches, CHF 5 million have already been raised, and more will follow by October. "We can count on solid shareholders, including Bâloise, the Investis Group and ACE & Company," says Andreas Schollin-Borg, who is also a major shareholder. After France, other countries will follow, including Poland this summer. "Our added value is based on offering a hotel-level quality of service, which is in Batmaid's DNA," concludes the CEO.


About Batmaid

Batmaid is the first online platform that allows individuals to book a cleaning service. Batmaid is part of Batgroup, a group that offers a 360° solution for all cleaning service needs: home cleaning, end-of-tenancy cleaning and commercial cleaning. Since March 2021, Batmaid has also been offering a range of biodegradable cleaning products through its new Batmaid Club service, delivered directly to your home as part of a subscription.

Batmaid in figures

Batmaid is the leading Swiss online cleaning service with its headquarters in Lausanne and offices in Zurich and Lugano. Batmaid currently employs around 100 employees at the corporate office, and 2,000 salaried cleaning agents serving over 55,000 customers throughout Switzerland. Batmaid applies a rigorous process of pre-selection of professionals while offering administrative support and quality assistance to its clients.

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