Batmaid of the Month - June 2019

July 8th at 10:54am
Batmaid of the Month - June 2019

We interrupt this heatwave to bring you an important message: the lovely Nahla D, based in Geneva, has been chosen as our Batmaid of the Month!

With more than 1’300 cleanings to her name, and an outstanding rating of 4.85/5, Nahla is a real star at Batmaid. Our operations team (which she loves to call, especially Julien 😉) can definitely vouch for that. In fact, she plans to come in for a coffee and to meet us one day in our Lausanne offices! ☕

It was back in 2017 that she heard about Batmaid through a friend and was immediately excited about the flexible hours on offer. Nahla has taken to her freedom to organise her own schedule like a fish to water. She fills up her schedule as she pleases from Monday to Saturday, a real hard worker!

For her, interacting with new people is a pivotal part of the job. Over the years, she has built strong relationships with her clients, and has told us that some have even become her close friends. Meeting new people is of the utmost importance for her... And on that note, she would also love to meet her Batmaid colleagues in the Geneva area! We love this idea at the office, that's why we regularly organise aperitifs for our Batmaids so that they can meet and get to know each other, just like the one on July 4th.

Warm, energetic and cheerful: for Nahla, it's a wonderful opportunity and a real pleasure to be so close with the Batmaid team. In her words: “More than just a helping hand, the Batmaid team has become a sort of family that supports me with around the clock assistance and advice”.

When Nahla finds a little free time in her tight schedule, she loves to hike in the beautiful Swiss mountains with her family, and occasionally enjoy a picnic. Speaking of picnics, whether it's small or large family meals, Nahla knows her way around a kitchen: she's a true chef! She looks after her family and there is no doubt that her three grown sons and her daughter make regular trips to visit her and eat her delicious Egyptian cuisine! We really can't blame them... 😍

Needless to say, in this hot weather, the days can be tough. Nahla told us that she intends to buy a fan with the 100CHF Migros voucher she won for being Batmaid of the month... Having seen the temperatures so far, it will be worth every penny. ☀ For her, being chosen as Batmaid of the Month is a real treat. Since her debut, she always wondered if one day she too would join the ranks of Batmaid of the Month... And yes, she loves reading our articles!

This month it's your turn, Nahla! You have earned it. Thank you for your effort and we hope that your fan will help you cool off and relax. Have a great summer!