Portrait Operations - Meet Manon G.

August 8th at 11:48am
Portrait Operations - Meet Manon G.

We wish you an enchanting week and would therefore like to introduce you to an equally enchanting operator today: Manon G.

Manon is patient, calm and comprehensive, with always a smile on her face. 😇 She was born in Paris, but has spent much of her life in Bordeaux, in the South of France. Today she lives in Lausanne and is responsible for operational customer relationships in the french speaking part of Switzerland, at Batmaid.

This lady is true water lover, she has been swimming 🏊‍♀️ at competition level for 10 years, and confessed she love to surf🏄‍♀️, but not particularly well, as she claims of herself.

Since her childhood she has dreamed of living in Australia 🇭🇲️- this wild and distant country magically attracts her. Speaking about water, this element describes Manon perfectly. She has a calming effect like the lapping of water but can also become stormy when confronted with injustice! 🌊

At work, she is in charge of managing specific customer requests and has to deal with new cases that require organizational, communicative and interpersonal skills on a daily basis. She believes that handling unusual customer’s demands is a subtle job, that needs understanding and an overview of all situations. Working with people is at the center of her job and she always build a unique relationship with every maid or customer she deals with.

When she joined Batmaid, her deep empathy immediately made her realize how demanding the cleaning job of a Batmaid is. Ever since she has been committed to all our Batmaids who do a fantastic job every day, to get the respect and the recognition they deserve (she also regularly makes suggestions for the Batmaid of the Month election).

Manon, your beautiful nature is an enrichment to all of us and it is a pleasure for us to work and have conversations with you. 😉

Stay as you are and keep on going! 🚀