Portrait Operations - Elie K

July 27th at 12:01pm
Portrait Operations - Elie K

Small and smart, here comes Elie K., our operations manager for Batmaid Luxembourg! 😎

His distinguishing features?

A perfect haircut 👯‍♂️ (he would escape from the camera if he doesn’t think his coiffure is top-notch) and a sly smile. 😏

His hobbies?

He reads articles and news to always be up to date in geopolitics 🌍.He also likes to play squash with friends. 🎾

His mission at Batmaid?

As the operations manager in Luxembourg, he plans the next cleanings for the Batmaids and takes care of client relationship. Basically, Elie is Batmaid’s go-to person in this area. 😯 From his point of view, most important skills are the ability to handle an important workload, to always be attentive to details and to carefully listen to people’s expectations. 👍

What he likes at Batmaid?

He holds many and diverse responsibilities thanks to his position and he is in contact with people on a daily base.

Keep it up, you achieve a great job Elie! 🎉