Portrait Operations - Meet Daniel N.

August 8th at 11:25am
Portrait Operations - Meet Daniel N.

To enjoy properly this sunny week, we give the speech to a sunny operator🌞, in the person of Daniel N.

He is 21 years old, from Moscow 🇷🇺️ and has been living for 10 years in Switzerland, between Geneva and Lausanne. He is in charge of matching the best Batmaid for each cleaning, really often for emergency cases. Always working in a rush, he paradoxically seems always calm.

Something is shining in Daniel, behind his quiet and relaxed attitude, hides a cultivated 📚 and engaged character🔥.

Full of convictions and knowledge about history and geopolitics, he will always find a topic to discuss with you for hours. Indeed, the fact he learned 4 languages, and lived in many continents made him be a really open-minded and sensitive person

He loves to discover new cultures, to meet new people to share point of views. Daniel is definitely curious of everything! 🕵️‍♂️

At work, Daniel is a quiet force, analyzing and rationalizing every fact before to act. He never feels pressure, maybe the heritage from his Slavic ancestry. This is why he owns the responsibility of finding Batmaids for last minute cleanings. Tact, patience and organization are the first words he used to describe the skills he applies at Batmaid operations. He believes being strict, but generous, is the best way to handle situations, like an iron fist in a velvet glove.

He confessed there is a particular person he likes to deal with: Neyla, a highly colorful Batmaid. They built a special relationship month after month, as she helped him for many cleanings where no one was available at the last minutes. They argue during hours and always end making up.

To conclude, it is a pleasure to work with you Daniel, everyone agrees on it! 👍