Portrait Administration - Shanthru A.

October 17th at 1:54pm
Portrait Administration - Shanthru A.

Funny and warm, today we are pleased to introduce Shanthru, our dear colleague from Administration department.

His special features ?

He cooks like a chef ! And fortunately for us, he enjoys sharing his cuisine with his colleagues. He also speaks 5 languages, including greek and tamul !

His hobbies ?

He goes to fitness, plays american football and recently ping-pong (since he works at Batmaid, of course). He also likes to watch complex mind blowing movies, the likes of Scorsese's Shutter Island.

His mission at Batmaid ?

Well, he takes care of the reception, sorting and filing of legal documents. As an example : whenever a Batmaid is sick, injured or on vacations, he updates the database and fills and sends the right documents to the right administration. To sum-up, he relieves our clients and Batmaid from the hassles of paperwork.

Why he likes working at Batmaid ?

The team he works with, full of energy, young and friendly. He also loves the startup spirit : Shanthru feels he can voice his opinion and enact positive change for the company, and it makes him really proud.

Actually we are also proud you work here Shanthru, you are a really pleasant and smart person.