Portrait Administration - Kevin C.

November 16th at 2:21pm
Portrait Administration - Kevin C.

How does seriousness get along with quirky? 🤔 Today, we introduce Kevin C. 🎉

His distinguishing features?

His fantasy book 📚 to clear his mind, his “amazing“ jokes and his hair gel to always look fresh. 😎

His position at Batmaid?

He is our Administration Director, in charge of external and internal administrative tasks. Basically, he spearheads all OASI declarations, payment slips and accounting details for our clients and Batmaids. 💪

Why he likes working at Batmaid?

The startup environment! It’s friendly, he can spend time with colleagues after working hours and everybody is dynamic and open-minded. But he also has the feeling he can change the world, on a daily basis! The sky’s the limit, everything moves fast and there are always new challenges.

Whether you are a Batmaid, a client or staff, if you agree that Kevin and his team help make your life easyier, leave him a comment!