Meet the team - Alessandro

December 6th at 12:56pm
Meet the team - Alessandro

This week we will be introducing one of the newest and best dressed members of the Batmaid team to you, Alessandro from Lake Como in Italy!

He has spent his entire life in Italy except for one year he spent in London right after coming out of high school. This won’t be changing any time soon as he plans to commute daily from his home in Lake Como to Ticino for work.

Alessandro will be working closely with new Batmaids and clients, making use of his native level of Italian to help us branch out into further into Switzerland. He will be acting as business development assistant on the ground and his tasks will include problem solving in operations, running interviews with potential Batmaids and additional administrative duties.

Outside of work Alessandro enjoys getting out and about, music production and more recently has taken up the piano once again after having played for some time as a child. He said that he has been putting in the hours and seen some real improvement in the last year, and even drew a nice comparison between the piano and building a career: ‘’the process of learning is a transferable skill, learning from those around you and working hard will allow you achieve results.’’

Words to live by we feel! Welcome to the team Alessandro, we are happy to have you on board!