Martina Hingis, Swiss professional tennis player renews her contract with Batmaid for three more years.

May 4th at 1:09pm
Martina Hingis, Swiss professional tennis player r…

Martina Hingis, famous tennis player and the holder of 5 Grand Slam titles, became our brand ambassador in 2019.

She first teamed up with Batmaid to take on a new challenge: fighting the black market by our side and bringing more attention to an industry still excessively affected by undeclared work.

Today, we are proud to announce that she has renewed her contract with us for three more years.

While we are at the beginning of our international expansion, starting with the recent opening of Paris, we continue pursuing our mission, fighting the black market with even greater determination. This development enables us to provide cleaning employees with better protection and security, all over Europe. An argument that has justified her decision to proceed with our partnership.

As a brand ambassador, she attaches great importance to the social responsibility of our company: “All the cleaning agents working for Batmaid are insured, the company employs them, and they perform excellent cleaning services. Their outstanding quality services mean that I can 100% recommend their services.”

Since 2019, we have built, throughout our collaboration, a partnership that relies on trust.

To her, the confidence of receiving a professional, high-quality service. A service she can rely on, one that will bring her the support needed and an added value daily. “You can rely on the cleaning professionals. They always arrive on time, the work is always properly done, and Batmaid’s services are top-notch quality.”

For us, to be able to count on her voice and the extent of her name to help us in our fight, to make ourselves heard, not only in Switzerland but abroad. “Martina Hingis has always shared the same values as Batmaid. We are thrilled to count on her constant and strengthened commitment and support to our cause and our mission as we expand. Together, we will be able to help and create declared and insured work opportunities for millions of cleaning workers across the world,” stated Andreas Schollin-Borg, CEO and co-founder of Batmaid.

About Batmaid

Batmaid is the first online platform that allows individuals to book a cleaning service. Batmaid is part of Batgroup, a group that offers a 360° solution for cleaning service needs: home cleaning, end-of-tenancy cleaning, and commercial cleaning. Since March 2021, Batmaid has also been offering a range of biodegradable cleaning products through its new Batmaid Club service, delivered directly to your home as part of a subscription.