Introducing José: a valuable Batmaid

June 2nd at 9:23am
Introducing José: a valuable Batmaid

Professional cleaning agent at Batmaid for less than two years, José used to work in many different fields such as history or economics before joining us. He sees this reconversion as a new challenge. Always putting customers' needs and satisfaction first, he seems to be taking up this challenge with flying colours.

In this exclusive interview, he explains the importance and benefits of working for Batmaid. In this cleaning company, the cleaners are now employed by us, following the COVID-19 crisis affecting Switzerland for almost two years.

Why did you join Batmaid?

Purely by chance. I used to work in a money transfer agency and then in a travel agency for more than ten years. Unfortunately, this company closed in 2017.

In Brazil, where I come from, I was a history teacher, and when I arrived in Switzerland, I had some difficulties reintegrating into the labour market.

As I was unemployed, I had an appointment with my counsellor where I asked her to register me for professional cleaning training. So I went to this training; I remember it was in June 2019, and when I was coming back from this course, I passed by the Lausanne train station and that specific day, young people were giving away cleaning sponges.

And at that moment, I said to myself, why don't I send my CV to Batmaid? That very same day, I sent my CV, and then Batmaid contacted me; I came for an interview, and then I was hired! I've been working with the company for almost a year and a half now. So, I ended up working for Batmaid purely by chance!

What does it mean to you to be a Batmaid?

For me, it's a new challenge in my life. I feel a lot of responsibility as a Batmaid because I represent the company in a way.

I need to give the customers, the people I'm offering my services to, a job well executed, a freshly clean home and above all, excellent satisfaction regarding the job done!

But for me, it also represents seriousness. It's a company that offers declared and insured work that promotes a job well done. It is then essential to be up to the task and deliver a service that meets the clients’ expectations and those of the company.

Why did you choose to be a Batmaid employee (to be employed by our company)?

When I was offered a permanent position at Batmaid, I immediately accepted! The crisis we are going through with this Coronavirus shows us that the cleaner’s status is very precarious and doesn't give us much security.

So today, being employed by a company allows us, in the event of a public health problem as we experienced in 2020, to obtain more security concerning the laws, concerning government aid, which we were not able to get last year.

And this will allow us to overcome these problems better and to work with much more security!