Introducing Enzo: Co-Head of Customer Experience

June 14th at 6:08am
Introducing Enzo: Co-Head of Customer Experience

This week we met Enzo, co-head of the Customer Experience department! He has been with Batmaid for almost a year and a half and has quickly climbed the ladder within the company. From trainee to manager and finally, he has recently been promoted to co-head of the Customer Experience department, what a journey right?

And during our interview, he shared with us the reasons behind his choice to join Batmaid. A choice well-made, in our opinion!

Why did you decide to join Batmaid?

As soon as I saw the offer, it was immediately an adventure that seemed attractive to me. And when I officially started, it was an atmosphere that matched the expectations I had and the idea I had of it.

Secondly, I joined Batmaid first to find a first work experience and then be able to use foreign languages. So it was an experience that worked from the start! I was first hired as an intern, which was the first-ever job that I had, and then at the end of my internship, I became Operations Manager of the German part of the customer experience department.

And today, I am the co-head of the Customer Experience department, so I have developed and grown a lot since I joined the company over a year and a half ago.

Why did you decide to do this job?

Working with people and using and practising foreign languages daily has always been very important to me. I am someone, I think anyway, who is an excellent listener, who can be there for others and who wants to help others.

And today, there are many things I do daily that make me happy with my choice! For example, as head of the department, I organise the work and take care of the team so that we can all meet the daily deadlines we have. I also take care of the smooth running of the operations on the German side!

And there are days when I think I've chosen my job well! As we are always in contact with the customers and the Batmaids, this leads to some pretty funny situations! Especially with Francisco, who is my favourite Batmaid in Switzerland, quick shoutout to him if he is watching us! He is a hilarious person, with whom we laugh a lot as soon as we are in contact over the phone, and this kind of situation only makes me more satisfied about the job I chose!

What makes a good operator, in your opinion?

I think a good operator is someone who listens. In my case, someone who listens to the customers, but also the Batmaids.

It is also someone who can react quickly and find solutions. On a day-to-day basis, we help Batmaids if they are lost, help them find their way, and help them manage their schedule, which can be pretty full depending on the period.

We look for and find solutions customised to their situation and adapted to each individual and, finally, offer them the flexibility they need.

We listen to them; we understand what they need to know how to help them and find what they truly need. And that's what I like: to be in touch and see that I am helping the people around me in one way or another.