Portrait Operations - Julien C.

June 5th at 12:26pm
Portrait Operations - Julien C.

A new member recently joined the operations team at Batmaid: Julien C. ! 😯 🎉

His distinguishing features?

A small bun on the top of the head, elegant trousers and big sport shoes.

His passions?

Every sport involving a board, whether it is on snow 🏂, water 🏄‍ or ground. He also likes to travel 🌍 and to dance 🕺 any time he can!

His position at Batmaid ?

Operating for french-speaking Switzerland, he handles unassigned cleanings. It means he finds last minute replacements whenever a Batmaid can’t attend a cleaning. 💪

We could say that he moves heaven and earth to make sure our clients enjoy their cleaning in the best conditions. 👍 👏

We wish him the best integration possible and get better at ping-pong! 🎉