Portrait Administration - Pia Y.

November 15th at 12:33pm
Portrait Administration - Pia Y.

Bright ✨ and sporty 💪. Today meet Pia Y., our Finance and Administration Assistant! 🎉

Her distinguishing features?

Her hyper-focus at work, her smiley face and her ballerina pumps.

Her passions?

As she is really curious, she loves to travel 🌎 and learn languages 👅 in order to discover and understand new cultures. She also likes to read books 📚, to spend time with her family, and to run 🏃‍.

Her mission at Batmaid?

To check, scan, analyse and put in order every invoice, pay slip, insurance registration, declaration paper or trust mandate! 🕵️‍ She is the person we can rely on, with Kevin C. we introduced few weeks ago, to make sure every legal document is properly stamped, signed and sent to the right administration.

What she likes at Batmaid?

The diversity! Diversity in tasks she has to do, in people she deals with and work with every day.

Pia is a good person, she gives a lot to people surrounding her ! 🎉