How to sanitize your hands properly

March 17th at 11:01am
How to sanitize your hands properly

1. Hand sanitizer must be applied to clean and dry hands

On wet or dirty hands, the hand sanitizer gel will be diluted and will not successfully remove all bacteria, viruses and other fungi. To be 100% effective, ensure that the disinfectant gel is applied to hands that have been previously cleaned and dried according to the recommendations of the Federal Office of Public Health (FOPH).

2. Hand sanitizer must be rubbed into the skin until it feels dry

To remove all bacteria, viruses and other fungi from your hands or a surface, be sure to rub in the disinfectant gel until it is no longer moist. To disinfect your hands properly, please follow the WHO guidelines.

3. Hand sanitizer must be used after each unsafe contact

The effect of disinfectant gels is instantaneous, so it kills bacteria, viruses and other fungi present at the time of use but does not protect you from future risks. We therefore recommend that you wash your hands or use disinfectant gel after each risky contact.

4. Do not inhale or consume hand sanitizer

The sanitizing gel can be toxic when ingested or inhaled. Therefore, do not try to disinfect your mouth with disinfectant and simply follow the points mentioned above.

If someone sneezes or coughs towards your face:

  • If possible, wash directly with soap and water, or use a clean paper towel to wipe your face and then dispose of it in a closed garbage can.
  • Use mouthwash for a full 30-seconds if necessary.