How to clean your carpet efficiently

August 26th at 12:23pm
How to clean your carpet efficiently

Have you ever wondered about those little dust particles flying around your living room? Well wonder no longer, the culprit is under your feet! That’s right, your carpet is at fault: It’s a haven for dust and dust-mites alike!

We’ve already given you our best tips and tricks for getting rid of dust-mites here, but continue reading to find out how to keep your carpets fresh and clean in all circumstances.

Regular maintenance -- a must!

Carpets are a perfect way to decorate your home and make it your own, but if you want them to look good as new down the line you’re going to have to look after them carefully.

With this in mind, then, it would seem clear that a weekly carpet care routine is in order. Aim to vacuum your carpets at least twice a week, with the vacuum brush bristles out, in order to remove all the dust, dust-mites and other deposits that may have become embedded in the material.

However, on the off chance that your carpet is old or fragile (or both), we suggest vacuuming gently with the brush bristles retracted as this is less abrasive and will therefore be less likely to cause any additional damage.

regular maintenance and cleaning of carpet

Spring cleaning!

Even if you look after it regularly, and with the utmost care, an annual deep clean can really go a long way with regards to the longevity and cleanliness of your carpet. This is easy to forget, so the best practice is to make a note in your diary and take the time to carve out an afternoon per year to get it done.

The cardinal rule when it comes to cleaning carpets is to never do so with lots of water. You run the risk of creating permanent water spots, which will cause irreversible damage.

naturally clean carpet with white vinegar

Pro tip: It is always worth testing your chosen cleaning solution before applying it to the entirety of your carpet. Even natural solutions could potentially have adverse effect when used on your carpet, depending on the materials. It is important, then, to test out how the two will react by applying it to a small section first. Doing so will allow you assess the situation without ruining your whole carpet.

This also goes for conserving the colour of your carpet. There are certain cleaning products that can tear through the colour of textile materials, and even make them bleed onto each other… You can test whether or not your colours will run by taking a cotton wool bud that has been dipped in your cleaning product, and rubbing it on a section of the carpet. If the colour comes off onto the cotton swab, then you would be much better off staying away from wet-washing your carpet. You still have a couple options left such as dry cleaning or if that doesn’t suit you, stick to hoovering regularly!

Different types of carpets

There are a multitude of carpets available out there, and with them, a whole host of different routines to take care of their specific needs.

Cleaning berber carpets

For example, Berber carpets are exceedingly easy to take care of. All you have to do is hoover them regularly, making sure the brush head is retracted as to not damage their lovely patterns. If, over time, you find that the colours of your carpet aren’t looking quite as vibrant as the day you bought it, we have a little trick for you! Cover the whole carpet in a layer of baking soda, sit back to let it do its thing for a few minutes, and then grab the hoover and give it a once over; good as new! As well as being very fashionable at the minute, Berber carpets and their unique patterns also come with unrivalled durability, something to keep in mind next time you’re looking to make an investment.

Cleaning synthetic carpets

For carpets made of synthetic materials such as polyester or polypropylene, a quick spray of water mixed with vinegar or water mixed with baking soda will get the job done quickly and effectively. Just make sure to dry it out thoroughly and do not expose it to direct sunlight!

Cleaning natural fibre carpets

Last but not least, for carpets made up of natural fibres, there are a few techniques that you should keep in mind. Fibres that come from animals can be cleaned using a combination of white vinegar and black soap. After applying the products to the carpet, rinse it off and then dry it with either a hair dryer or towel. As for vegetable fibres such as sisal and jute, stick to rubbing your carpet down with cold water and a mild soap or small amounts of vinegar. Once again don’t forget to rinse it out and dry it off correctly.

A quick guide to stains

Cleaning your carpet once per year is totally doable, but accidents happen all the time and it is therefore important to know what to do in the event of an emergency!

On the off chance that you wanted to print these out to have on hand around the house, we have compiled the list into a user-friendly infographic for you!

How to clean your carpet

Now you're an expert in home carpet cleaning! No more dusty carpets or stubborn stains. Do you have any other tips to keep your carpets clean in every situation? Feel free to share them with us, we love hearing from you!