How to clean a leather sofa

January 9th at 12:17pm
How to clean a leather sofa

Leather couches are delicate and can easily become damaged over time, especially without the proper care. Read on to find out how to take care of yours naturally and with ease in 5 simple steps.

Careful, these methods are not suitable for use on couches made of suede, nubuck or split leather.

Cleaning a leather sofa in 5 easy steps

What you’ll need:

  1. Dust off the leather using a wet clean cloth.
  2. Carefully scrub the leather using the soft sponge moistened a bit with the warm water and Marseille soap mixture.
  3. Gently rinse off the area using a damp soft clean cloth, having wet it in your basin containing only warm water.
  4. Dry the couch using the clean cotton towel.
  5. Nourish the leather using natural products such as Jojoba oil, which is an odorless vegetable oil that doesn’t spoil. It has softening, nourishing and moisturizing properties. The easiest way to treat your leather is to sparingly apply Jojoba oil to a clean cloth and wipe it over the entire surface of your sofa. There shouldn’t be any excess oil visible after you have finished applying it.

For more information, we recommend the following video:

If you would rather a balm for your leather, there are plenty of natural, ecological and vegan options available to you, such as this one, which is made from Jojoba oil and beeswax.

What to avoid

We strongly recommend that you stay away from using the following "grandmother’s tips and tricks" to care for your leather: baby wipes, moisturizing creams for babies, banana skins, egg whites, white vinegar or alcohol.

Removing stains from leather

In the event of finding a stain on your leather, remove any excess using an absorbent paper towel. Follow up by sprinkling the area with "Terre de Sommières" and leave it to work its magic for several hours. If the stain remains after this process, we would advise that you get in contact with a professional.

Tips to keep your leather soft and looking great for longer

Avoid positioning your leather couch in direct sunlight or near a fan, heater or window. Leather suffers when exposed to changes in temperature and dryness.