Clean and trace-free windows in 3 steps

April 4th at 4:45pm
Clean and trace-free windows in 3 steps

Imagine: it's the beginning of spring, the sun is finally back, you're at home, the sun is bathing the room with light... And then they come out, uglier than ever, and you can't see anything but them: the nasty traces left by your previous attempt to clean your windows!

But don't worry, thanks to our tips, this vision of horror will never happen again: discover without further ado how to finally clean your windows without leaving any trace.

If you want to learn how to clean your windows in video form, then click tutorial to find our Youtube tutorials!

The basis of a good window cleaning is first and foremost the weather. We don't always think about it, but it makes sense: Avoid washing windows when it rains (for obvious reasons), and especially when there is too much sun! Indeed, the heat will dry the cleaning product(s) too quickly, causing the infamous traces that we want to get rid of. Finally, it is preferable to use cold or room temperate water to avoid fogging.

Like in any cleaning, the equipment used makes the difference. For your windows, you only need to get a hold of clean, lint-free cloths to avoid residues, the best being those made of cotton or microfibre. Forget everything you thought you knew about tissue paper and window spray: In addition to not being eco-friendly, this solution is much less effective....

Remember our magical friend with strong cleaning power that can be used in any room of the house? Yes, ladies and gentlemen, white vinegar is back to our great pleasure. In a 1L container, simply mix 750ml of demineralized water (which will leave much less traces of limescale than tap water) with 250ml of white vinegar. A little bonus for the most arachnophobic of you: It seems that white vinegar would scare away spiders... It really is a miracle product!

Let's finally get to the heart of the subject. Get ready, it's going to go very fast: Start by dusting the window and the frame with a clean cloth, then spray your water-vinegar mix, rub it with a microfiber cloth, and dry with another dry cloth.

With a little elbow grease and this ultra simple process, you can say goodbye to all kinds of traces that have prevented you from fully enjoying the view until now! (Note that this technique also perfectly applies to mirrors!)

(To avoid streaks, remember to always rub in the same direction, from top to bottom or from left to right and vice versa!)

Did you think we'd leave you without one last trick? It wouldn't be knowing us well.... For a high shine and an anti-fog effect, pour a few drops of glycerin on a nylon pantyhose, and rub your windows. Glycerin also prevents dust accumulation: your windows will stay clean longer!

Once again, the secret is consistency: If you clean your windows regularly, they will stay perfectly clean in all circumstances! You will finally be able to fully enjoy the soft rays of the sun in peace...

For more tips on how to clean your windows, you can watch our tutorial.