Batmaid of The Month September 2018

October 3rd at 3:10pm
Batmaid of The Month September 2018

Many people think that being a cleaning agent is just a job, for lack of anything better... Well, they are wrong! 😯

Here is the proof, our Batmaid Of the Month of August: Suelen De C., whose average rating is above 4.7/5. 🎉

The lady is colorful and friendly. She likes people. She loves new experiences, and she is always up for something unexpected.

Here is a small story to give you an insight of how much this is true: She was running in an airport ✈️, to catch the next flight to visit her mother when suddenly... her briefcase fell on the floor. All her papers were spread on the floor... Fortunately, someone came to the rescue, their glances crossed... and they got married! 💘 They have been for 10 years, living now in Switzerland with 2 children. They even work together at Batmaid, cleaning side by side! 👩‍❤️‍👨

But, let’s go back to Suelen herself, our Hero of the Month. She started to work at Batmaid 3 years ago and cleaned under our banner for 6 months, but finally quitted us... 😭

For two years, she worked in the same company... But she was bored! This lady needs to move, she needs to be surprised and above all she needs to make people happy.

How? She is a cleaning artist, there is nothing more beautiful for her than seeing a light in people’s eyes when they discover their flat has been reborn.

Hence, she came back to Batmaid! She confesses she loves to move from a flat to another one, and it is pretty impressive to see how many cleanings she can do within a day, always keeping a smile on her face and dropping one on her clients. 😁

We are proud of having you Suelen, you are a radiant person.

This is why we offer you a CHF 100,. Migros voucher and your Batmaid of The Month certificate! 🎁

🎉 Congratulations! 🎉