Batmaid of the month - October 2019

November 11th at 2:24pm
Batmaid of the month - October 2019

Nikolett K. has been chosen as the Batmaid of the Month for October! With 432 cleanings in the Bern area to her name and an incredible overall rating of 4.83 it seems clear that she has very much earned the title! 🥇

Nikolett originally started working in the cleaning industry upon her arrival to Switzerland, having come from Hungary. She spent some time in the industry and eventually moved to working in a wine cave, restaurants and even in shops. This string of different jobs eventually came to a halt when her first child came along! Since having her baby she applied to Batmaid and made it known she was a prime candidate.

Seeing the potential, one of our Human Resources team members, Nicolas, travelled from Lausanne to Bern to meet Nikolett face to face. She passed each step of the selection process with flying colours and was eventually offered the job! Speaking of our staff members, Nikolett is no stranger to our operations department, particularly Abdullah and Julien, whom she speaks with regularly! She mentioned during our little interview that she particularly enjoyed being able to recognise the voice on the other end of the phone when she was calling in to discuss her cleanings and timetable.

Another element of the Job that Nikolett enjoys is the level of trust that she can build up with her regular clients. They trust her at the beginning, having come through Batmaid, and from there she is able to build up a personal working relationship with them!

Outside of work Nikolett loves spending time with her family and cooking them a whole range of delicious meals! When we asked her what she intended to do with her CHF 100.- migros voucher she was quick to say that she would combine her two favorite things by buying ingredients to cook for her family with!

There you go, a small look at the life of our Batmaid of the Month for October, Nikolett K. It is safe to say that we are incredibly proud to have you on board and that we are grateful we were able to meet you on that fateful day in Bern! Thank you once more for your amazing work and know that your certificate and voucher are on their way to you now! ✨