Batmaid of the Month - November 2020

December 1st at 4:59pm
Batmaid of the Month - November 2020

While we haven’t quite reached Christmas yet, we’re happy to provide Maria R. with an early Christmas gift: She’s the Batmaid of the Month for November! 🎉

Maria R. joined the Batmaid family in 2017 and with an average rating of 4.81, we’re excited to share her story with our readers.

When asked what she enjoys most about working with Batmaid, she doesn’t have to think twice. “The flexibility!”, she exclaims. 📆 “I can set my own schedule however I wish.”

We were curious to know what she thinks about the upcoming changes, with Batmaid evolving into a group and 3 subsidiary companies. “I think it’s an improvement of a system that already works well for me”, she tells us. “I have expressed interest in working for the new Batmaid of 2021, since I’ll be able to receive a 13th salary.” We’re pleased to hear that our changes resonate positively with the agents!

In her free time, she likes to cook and try out new recipes. 🥘 “I’m Brazilian, so of course I’ll always enjoy cooking Brazilian dishes. I’m also quite good at cooking Italian, since I have some friends that were able to share their family recipes with me”, she smiles. Any recipes she’ll prepare for Christmas? “I don’t know yet… All I know is that we’ll pass a quiet Christmas with my husband, son and sister. Relaxed and laid back!”

Speaking of Christmas🎄, Maria R. already knows what she’ll do with the CHF 100.- Migros voucher she’ll receive in honour of her efforts: “I’ll go out to eat with my husband and son once the restaurants open up!”

We thank you for your professionalism Maria R. and are happy to continue to have you onboard in 2021! ✨ We wish you all the best.