Batmaid of the month November 2018

December 5th at 12:17pm
Batmaid of the month November 2018

During this beautiful month of November, stores begin to be filled with Christmas decorations, the weather starts to get reaaaaaally cold and.. Hence, at Batmaid we decided to offer you a gift, to warm your hearts! ☀️

We have the pleasure to introduce our latest Batmaid of the month, an exceptional, hard working, dedicated, kind and sweet women, Maria Francisca ! 🎉

With more than 450 cleanings done, she has the incredible average rating of 4.93/5 💪 ! Congratulations!

Born in Portugal, Maria has been living in Switzerland for 37 years now, in Dietikon to be more precise. Since she started with Batmaid on June 2017, she never received a complaint regarding her job. Actually, people are mostly amazed by her professionalism and the passion she puts in every cleaning. 👏

She loves being a Batmaid for two main reasons: first of all the working flexibility she benefits from. Always free to accept or decline a cleaning and even paid if she decides to go on vacations.

Her second reason is the loving relationship she mutually creates with her clients. She told us a story about when she once arrived to one of her client’s. As soon as she opened the door, she heard the noise of someone running, it was her client’s child jumping into her arms, fully happy to see her, as if she were a family member.

As for her own family, she has been happily married for 34 years with two children. A girl and a boy, the king’s choice, for a queen of the cleaning. She even has two grandchildren who delight her. 🙂

Maria, we are proud to award you with the “Batmaid of the month of November” title! 🎉 You totally deserve it and will receive your official diploma and a CHF 100.- Migros voucher.

Congratulations again!