Batmaid of the Month - May 2019

June 12th at 1:47pm
Batmaid of the Month - May 2019

This month it took a little longer than usual, but we are proud to finally announce that Viviane is our Batmaid of the month of May! 🎉 With more than 1,100 cleanings to her name and the amazing rating of 4.9/5, she truly deserves her title!

Viviane comes from Brazil, but she’s been living in Switzerland for some time: she has been working as a Batmaid for three years now... and what a Batmaid she is!

She first heard about Batmaid from a friend who was already working for us. With her motivation and exceptional experience in a 5-star hotel, Viviane quickly joined our ranks. She immediately immersed herself in our world and immediately took over cleaning work in offices, companies and private individuals... Never seen before!

Viviane impresses her clients with her professionalism and daily commitment and deserves their respect and admiration. In fact, it’s these special relationships that she builds with her clients, combined with the great flexibility at work that she enjoys the most. The most important thing for her is to surround herself with clients she feels comfortable with, because as she likes to say, "this job isn't just cleaning". And since Viviane always has a lot of availability, she is always very busy: a real warrior!

Our Viviane fears nothing and no one.... Except for the pollen that is in the air at this time of year! To avoid this allergy as much as possible, she prefers to decorate her home with beautiful cacti 🌵. Like all good warriors she also has a sore point.... Her guilty pleasure? Kinder chocolate, whose stock she can fill up thanks to the Migros voucher won by her!

Viviane, the whole Batmaid team thanks you for your extraordinary work and your kindness. You definitely deserve the Batmaid of the Month of May title and the CHF 100 Migros voucher!