Batmaid of the Month Luxembourg - April 2019

May 20th at 1:57pm
Batmaid of the Month Luxembourg - April 2019

Did you think you would only get one Batmaid of the Month, like every month? Well you're mistaken! Let us introduce you to the exceptional Marguerite S., Batmaid of the month of April in Luxembourg! 🇱🇺

With nearly 1000 cleanings done and an admirable score of 4.9/5, our Marguerite is a true warrior, and deserves well her title as well as a voucher worth 80€ at Cactus! 💪

She arrived in Luxembourg in 2015, after spending 25 years as a childcare assistant in France. Sometimes a head of department in a big store, sometimes a bakery saleswoman, our Marguerite has also had experience in cleaning. But she still couldn't find her place in this new environment, this new country...

So in November of that year she pushed our doors, successfully passed her interviews and got her first cleaning the next day!

Hyper energetic, our superheroine who prefers walking to public transport is her clients' favourite, they trust her completely. There' s a reason she was voted Batmaid of the Month for a reason! Her secret to starting a good cleaning? "I always greet my customers with a big smile, then I can start! The most important thing is exchange, respect and trust." Indeed, that's what she likes most about Batmaid: the privileged contact with customers, which is much warmer than in large companies.

But there is more to life than work! And Marguerite got it well: she loves going to the movies, eating with friends and reading! Especially literary philosophy... 📚

She takes the title of Batmaid of the month on behalf of all the Batmaids in Luxembourg, because she feels like the hard work that they all put on a daily basis gets the recognition it deserves.

And since this experience, Marguerite likes to say that the fairy tale has come true: she has finally found her place in Luxembourg, where she plans to stay now....