Batmaid of the month Luglio 2018

August 2nd at 2:28pm
Batmaid of the month Luglio 2018

This month, our Batmaid of the Month has a beautiful personality: Farah S. 🎉

Sweet and kind, but a little shy, it has been hard for us to get some information from herself! Nevertheless, she finally accepted to play along and confided her personal story, giving us the chance to discover and congratulate her properly. 👏

In fact, Farah’s professionalism above any reproach made her be always appreciated, by her employers and the Batmaid staff. It must be said she is a real cleaning expert! ‍👨‍🎓

She was born in Somalia, where she had to run away from the civil war that started in 1991 and to get around Africa ceaselessly for years. Thereby she lived in Kenya for months, a country she keeps many memories from. Her “journey” ended in 2001, when her application for asylum in Switzerland was accepted, finally allowing Farah to meet her sister who is living in Zürich.

There she quickly learned German and perfected her… Italian! 😯 Indeed, Farah speaks quietly perfectly the langue de sì, hence she nearly is a polyglot! Her brothers and sisters taught her while she was a child, and this language remains the symbol of her childhood.

In the last 17 years, lunch times punctuate her life, as her passion for cooking is an opportunity to share culinary creative moments, talks but also laughs with her friends. Her specialty, the samosa, would make drooling over even the most critic gourmet.👨‍🍳🤤

We be keen to thank you, Madam Farah S. for your work, your bravery and also your humbleness. Knowing you brought a lot to our company, but also to all the people you met. We are very proud to reward you with the Batmaid Of the Month certificate of July and a CHF100 Migros gift voucher. 🎁🎉🎉

We wish you all the best, and we will always be sincerely yours. Keep it up!