Batmaid of the Month Luxembourg - May 2020

June 5th at 10:53am
Batmaid of the Month Luxembourg - May 2020

As we nearly conclude the first half of a challenging year, let us do so on a joyful note! We would like to introduce Eloisa, the Luxembourgish Batmaid of the Month. 🎉 Having completed over 600 cleanings, she‘s an expert in her field next to being an experienced sportsman, cook and polyglot!

Having started as a cleaning professional in the catering industry, it didn‘t take long for Eloisa‘s superior to recognize her culinary talent. She was then given more responsibilities, particularly when the restaurant overflowed with customers: Preparing salads, lasagnas, tortellinis alla Bolognese, and other dough-based meals. Indeed, she applied and polished her cooking skills in the catering industry for a mighty twenty-seven years. Presently, we are happy that Eloisa has joined the Batmaid platform over a year and a half ago!

Beyond her work, Eloisa‘s time in the catering industry has instilled in her a love of cooking. She is proficient in the preparation of traditional Luxembourgish, Italian and especially Italian meals. Some Luxembourgish specialties include boudin (a type of sausage), purée and compote (a type of dessert made of fruits). Eloisa also relishes in concocting various recipes from her home country, Cape Verde. 🇨🇻

Additionally, the Batmaid of the Month is an accomplished sportsman! From swimming to track and field, along with basketball and football, sports appeals to her dynamic nature. They are a source of energy and key to maintaining a healthy routine. Except for judo and boxing, Eloisa has done it all! This passion for sports has been imparted on her children, and her daughter now eagerly pursues judo.

Aside from speaking French and Portuguese, Eloisa is also conversant in Spanish and Luxembourgish. Indeed, this allows her to communicate with employers who are not proficient in French and English. But in terms of connecting with people, nothing can replace kind eyes and a warm smile – which is what Eloisa‘s employers appreciate most about her. She always steps into their home with a glowing mood, ready to exchange pleasantries.

As such, as someone who strives for excellence and whose philosophy in life is, “If you do it, do it well,” it‘s easy to see why Eloisa has been selected as “Batmaid of the Month”. With the € 100.- at Cactus she has received, she plans to pamper herself with some perfumes. Well deserved, Eloisa! We wish you many more laps in the pool and delicious recipes to discover. 🍽