Batmaid of the Month - June 2020

July 3rd at 4:41pm
Batmaid of the Month - June 2020

Today, we would like to congratulate Mélanie, one of your most dedicated Batmaids, for obtaining the title of “Batmaid of the Month”! 🥳

Mélanie is a bit of a wanderer: Born in Seine-et-Marne, France, she moved to Portugal when she was ten years old. There, she was raised by her grandparents, who she says the people she cherishes most in the world. She is also close with her mom, aunt and brother who all live in Paris and that she likes to visit.

In Switzerland, Mélanie likes bowling with friends and long walks in Ouchy. Still, Portugal is the country that will always have her heart – for its climate and people, certainly, but most importantly because it’s the place of residence of her grandparents. While visiting, she also enjoys Portuguese folk dance. Having started dancing when she was eleven, she is now a proficient dancer and practices every time she gets the chance to return to Portugal!

At home, Mélanie shares her life with her husband, whom she met at school. As children, they had classes together and spent all of their time by each other’s side, but eventually grew apart while finishing their studies. Mélanie went on to study hairdressing and tourism, and worked for a year in the catering industry. Then, several years down the line, as many modern love stories go, her childhood sweetheart reached out on Facebook. She subsequently followed him to Switzerland, and the rest is history! 😇

It’s not difficult to see why Mélanie’s employers like her so much and offer her small tokens of appreciation for Christmas. Congratulations to Mélanie, who was selected based on her dedication, attentiveness, enthusiasm, and other criteria such as the impressive average score given by her employers! As a thank you for her hard work, Mélanie will receive a CHF 100.- Migros voucher as well as a “Batmaid of the Month” certificate. Well done, Mélanie ! ✨