Batmaid of the Month - July 2020

August 20th at 12:08pm
Batmaid of the Month - July 2020

Today, we are very pleased to announce that the “Batmaid of the Month” is Kavita H.! 🎊

Among many of her qualities, Kavita is a big-hearted person. She always helps her neighbours with various daily tasks. She loves cooking and once a year, she attends an Indian music seminar from the United States and cooks delicious Indian dishes for them, then participates in the festivities and dances with them!

In her spare time, Kavita likes to play sports. As a great sportswoman, she used to play football when she was younger but had to stop due to an accident. Nowadays, she runs every Sunday morning and likes to go to the swimming pool with her two daughters. 💪🏻

Born in Mauritius, Kavita has travelled a lot before settling in Switzerland. She has been to the United Kingdom, specifically to London, where she was a quality controller, then to France where many of her family members live. Lastly, she has also visited Canada where her brother resides. Then she met her husband and has since settled in Winterthur, Switzerland. She admits that her early years in Switzerland were difficult due to the cold winters we experience. But now, she has adapted so well that she prefers winter to summer!

Kavita loves her job and this is reflected in the comments of her employers! She likes to go from one place to another, observing the landscape on her way to work. She knows her job and always makes sure that her employers have everything they need. She puts quality above everything else and we thank her for her excellent work! 😊

Thanks to her dedication and hard work, she will receive a CHF 100.- Migros voucher and a "Batmaid of the Month" certificate! With this voucher, she will be able to offer beautiful gifts to her two daughters who are her priority!

Congratulations to her!