Batmaid of the Month - July 2019

August 1st at 12:00am
Batmaid of the Month - July 2019

With the weather finally cooling down, what better time to showcase a special someone who has been on a particularly hot streak over the last month! With over 450 cleanings completed in her time here and a stellar rating of 4.84/5, it seems clear that Judith T. earned the title of Batmaid of the Month for July! 😊

Judith first came across Batmaid when she was online looking up cleaning jobs in her area. Intrigued, she did some more research and upon realizing that she liked what she saw, she immediately applied. One successful selection process later, she became a Batmaid!

She had previously studied hotel management and had been working at a hotel for 5 years. Although it was a good experience and she learnt a lot, it came time to make a change. Judith mentioned to us that she enjoyed the opportunity to work by herself and make her own schedule to suit her needs.

When we called Judith to deliver the good news, she made it very clear that a big part of the job that she really enjoyed was how polite and grateful her employers were. From having worked in a hotel where you aren’t there to see the fruits of your labour being appreciated, going to individual employer’s houses and seeing their reactions has been a great change for her. 👏 She also went into detail explaining how appreciative she has been of the Batmaid operations team in particular, as their constant support has ‘’made it fun to work as a cleaner again’’. They work tirelessly to ensure support for each and every Batmaid so it’s great to hear their efforts being appreciated!

Outside of work Judith enjoys spending time with her husband, relaxing on the weekend and taking part of whatever activities are available at the time and going for walks to enjoy nature.

On behalf of the whole Batmaid team, we thank you for your amazing and dedicated work, it’s an honour to have you with us! Without a doubt you deserve the title of Batmaid of the Month of July and your CHF 100 Migros voucher! 😉