Batmaid of the Month - January 2021

March 8th at 10:35am
Batmaid of the Month - January 2021

This month, we exceptionally have two Batmaids of the Month: Berthe.A and Yeshi.T, who are very dear to us! Every day, they take care of our offices in Lausanne and brighten up our days with their good mood, generosity and joie de vivre!

Berthe joined Batmaid in November 2019, and since then, she has carried out nearly 700 cleanings! Over time, she has achieved an excellent average of 4.87 out of 5, which is reflected in the comments left by the customers: "Berthe is really great: not only is she very friendly, smiling and pleasant, but above all she is committed to do her job very well and make sure that things are done well. She is also very proactive in thinking about how to do things better next time. In short, a top Batmaid!"

She loves her job and does it with passion and one of the most important things for her is to bring joy. When she finishes a cleaning, she always makes sure that the environment is welcoming, that everything is in order so that customers find pleasure, joy and a little love, "especially during this COVID period" she says! And it's done according to this client: "Thanks to Berthe for her work, it is always so meticulous, what a pleasure to go home in the evening!".

When we ask her why she joined our company in 2019, she explains, "I joined Batmaid because the company gives a lot of hope and highlights cleaning women in Switzerland. It's not just a job, this is our home, and I'm proud of it".

Our other Batmaid of the Month, Yeshi is specialized in office cleanings. Since joining the company in 2017, she has carried out more than 1,200 cleaning, mainly for B2B clients, i.e. professional or self-employed clients!

To her, customer satisfaction is one of the most important elements in her work. She makes sure that after a cleaning, the place is clean, tidy and ready to welcome customers in the best possible conditions so that they can enjoy their free time in complete peace and quiet.

Satisfaction we can feel in the comments left by them: "Yeshi is always very punctual, and we know that with her, the work will be very well done!". A second customer added, "Thank you very much Yeshi, the work was really well done!"

Employed by Batmaid, the new cleaning company since January 1st, 2021, she explains her choice: "I decided to accept the contract offered by Batmaid because I wanted to have a permanent job, which gives me more security".

When we ask her how she feels after being elected Batmaid of the Month, she exclaims "Pride!".

Berthe and Yeshi, our two Batmaids of the Month do a flawless job and are both exceptional people.

Today we would like to thank them for their professionalism, kindness and generosity. They fully deserve this title, and we are delighted to be able to award them this title today, but even more, to count them among us!