Batmaid of the Month - January 2019

February 1st at 1:01pm
Batmaid of the Month - January 2019

Ah January, the new year, the cold… The ideal moment to distract you from the snow, by introducing you to our super Batmaid of the month ! Without further ado, meet our fantastic Inês !

With already 413 cleaning carried out, and an excellent rating of 4.63 out of 5, we have the pleasure to award her the “Batmaid of the month” title ! 🏅

Born and raised in Portugal, Inês has been living in Switzerland for 14 years: she heard of Batmaid from a friend of hers, because according to her in Geneva, “the only way to get good deals is by word of mouth!”. Seduced by a more modern approach of the job, she began the Batmaid adventure in May 2017. The start of a shining journey! ✨

What Inês prefers at Batmaid, is the flexible schedule, which allows her to be independent, and manage her time the way she likes. During her free time, our superhero likes to paint, and most of all, to read ! 📚For her, books are a way of escaping the everyday life, and her favourite thing to do when she’s in the public transportation… “Between two cleanings, I always open a book in the bus, this way time flies !”

And while she’s cleaning ? Our Batmaid confesses with humour that she loves to listen to the Jurassian radio « because they always play really good music, and they don’t talk too much !”, and that she really likes the idea of exercising without having to go to the gym… Cleaning work is physical, ladies and gentleman!

Rather surprised to have been elected Batmaid of the month, she can’t wait to get her Official Certificate… “I’m really thankful, I’m going to show it to my whole of my family!” And with the CHF 100.- worth Migros voucher, she’s going to buy… coffee capsules !

Congratulations dear Inês, from all of the Batmaid team !