Batmaid of the Month - February 2020

March 12th at 9:14am
Batmaid of the Month - February 2020

🎉 Salvatore is a master of his craft and it is with great pleasure that we have awarded him the title of Batmaid of the Month for February in Switzerland 🇨🇭. Having been a cleaning agent for almost 1 year, his wise words and proactivity ensure all of his employers are left impressed!

Born in the 60s in Geneva, Salvatore grew up in Switzerland in an Italian family from Puglia 🇮🇹. He now lives with his 18-year-old son in the Lake Geneva area.

After graduating from school, he fulfilled a childhood dream by starting an apprenticeship as a mechanic, but soon realized that this wasn’t his calling. Very sociable by nature, he aspired to find a job where contact with the customer is paramount.

He then embarked on a career as a technical salesman during which he worked in the high-tech sector for 15 years, and later a further 10 years in the coffee industry. These experiences have taught him to respond to the specific demands of each customer and to adopt a proactive attitude to ensure a quality service ⭐️.

After living through a multitude of different experiences, Salvatore decided to make a change in his life and become a cleaning agent through the Batmaid platform. He wants to be able to put his skills to good use and offer his help to people who need it. "I want to help out as best I can," he says ✨.

Salvatore has created a strong bond with each his employers, who have full confidence in him and his abilities. For him, communication is of the utmost importance and when it comes to cleaning people’s homes, he takes heed of each and every request made.

Thanks to his healthy lifestyle and positive attitude, Salvatore is full of energy. After each working day he likes to take the time to cook delicious Italian meals 🍝, which his mother had showed him, much to the delight of his son! As a big football fan, he also is a tenacious support of AS Roma and tries to never miss a game ⚽️!

In recognition of his efforts, he was offered a CHF 100.- voucher at Migros. Congratulations Salvatore!