Batmaid of the Month - December 2019

January 8th at 9:19am
Batmaid of the Month - December 2019

Congratulations to Célia who has been selected as Batmaid of the Month for December! With 360 cleanings completed in the Valais area she stands tall with a solid rating of 4.68/5 thanks to the meticulousness of her work!

Originating from the island of Madeira in Portugal, Célia arrived in Switzerland in 2014 working as an au pair and eventually decided to stay and build a life for herself here. It was here where she eventually met the man that would become her husband, also from Portugal, while she was making her way to and from work. They are now the proud parents of a 3-year-old girl.

Previously, Célia had worked as an assistant chef in a home for the elderly for a period of 3 years. She often found herself having to get up extremely early in the morning in order to take care of her little girl whilst adhering to the strict work schedule imposed on her by her job. This is no longer the case, thankfully, and now she can plan her own time, spend less money on childcare and even spend more time with her daughter. She also made it known that she felt she was now part of a team that is able to help her out whenever she has any problems or questions.

She was highly motivated and submitted her application online and was contacted shortly after and invited in for an interview. She mentioned to us that she felt the process went quickly and after she had completed all the necessary steps required in the interview process, she became a Batmaid!

At first, she was doing cleaning through Batmaid part time, in parallel with another job she was working at the time, to see if this new role suited her. After a few months she was eventually swayed enough to devote herself to her new position full time!

Célia has now been a Batmaid for a little over a year and made it very clear to us that she really enjoys the trusting relationship that she is able to build with her employers. They have relationships now that should there be an issue because of an unforeseen event, they are always able to find a solution that suits everyone.

For the most part, Célia has regular cleanings, which allows her to organize her own schedule and make the most of her spare time. She can easily alter her hours to fit in with her husband’s days off and plan her family holidays with peace of mind. In the summer the family regularly returns to Portugal to visit their loved ones but also to explore new regions.

It is with great pleasure, then, that we present her with the title of Batmaid of the Month of December! As a small token of our appreciation for her hard work and professionalism we will be sending over a Migros voucher worth CHF 100.- , which she has already told us she intends to use to treat her family and friends!