Batmaid of the Month - April 2021

May 31st at 6:41am
Batmaid of the Month - April 2021

As another month goes by, it was time for us to meet with another Batmaid, and not just anyone, our newest Batmaid of the Month, April, Elvira S!

After growing up in St. Gallen and having lived in Zürich for 27 years, it was finally time for her to move to Bern, where all her friends live. We understand that: with friends living close to home, it’s always more fun!

Before working in the cleaning industry, Elvira used to be a Sales Assistant, a job she quit eight years ago. At the beginning of her new career, she was self-taught; she learnt the job by herself. After some time, she decided to take a training course to attest to her skills and know-how. Just before joining Batmaid four years ago, she received her degree in the concierge/janitor sector!

When she puts on her Batmaid apron, she has one mission in mind: to satisfy the client and make them happy! An easy task for her! Indeed, if you look at the comments left by the customers, they are delighted: “The cleaning was sensational. Mrs Schilling was very nice. Simply top!” moreover, “We would give ten stars if we could! Thank you very much for your work! We are thrilled with Ms Schilling's work. What she has achieved in such a short time is simply fantastic!”

She confided to us that she loves her job and couldn’t be happier when receiving such comments! Something that also makes her the most proud: “When the client smiles at me, and thanks me for the work done, I know they are happy with my job and honestly, that makes me the most proud.”

According to her, a well-done cleaning is when everything is perfect, all details have been taken into account, the dust is gone, and when the client comes back, they feel comfortable and safe within their home.

We all know someone who hates ironing, right? And you know what, Elvira loves it! So if you live in Bern, please don’t hesitate to ask Elvira, she is simply the best!

“Thank you, Batmaid; I am very grateful for this great opportunity!” But we are grateful too: thank you Elvira, for all your hard work; we truly appreciate you!