Batmaid of the Month - April 2019

May 6th at 11:51am
Batmaid of the Month - April 2019

Till April’s dead, change not a thread: this saying has never been so appropriate... But don't worry, our Batmaid of the Month’s good mood will warm up your day! ☀️

With more than 560 cleanings to her credit, and an excellent score of 4.8/5 that her customers have given her, let us introduce you to the radiant Rita A., coming straight from the Zurich constellation! 🚀

Originally from Ghana, Rita already knows the world of cleaning well.  After a cleaning experience in 5-star hotels and even an airport, it is at the checkout of a supermarket that she finally ends up... And she doesn't like it at all. The pressure, the schedules and the fact of depending on a whole hierarchy will finally make her want to change jobs. And that was a good thing! Because that's when one of her friends, who was already working there, told her about Batmaid...

Rita joined our ranks, full of hope, and was not disappointed. What does she like the most about Batmaid? The flexibility and autonomy that are given to her, and her customers who trust her completely! And that’s because Rita takes really good care of her customers… With her experience in the hotel business, she likes to surprise them by making the beds or folding the towels like in a 5-star establishment! 🛎

Her motto in life and at work perfectly reflects our dear Rita's personality: you shouldn't look for money at any price, but for love. A philosophy of life that we could all be inspired by, don't you think?

Rita likes the good things in life, she always smiles, loves to cook, and of course... that her house is always clean! She is very happy to have been elected Batmaid of the Month, and thanks the whole team, which she appreciates very much and which she considers as a big family...

We look forward to tasting your good food, Rita, and congratulations for the well-deserved title, and a CHF 100.- Migros voucher!