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Sponsorship Program & Gift Cards

What is the Sponsorship Program?


Batmaid has a Sponsorship Program called “Give CHF20, Get CHF20”. It is very simple:

  • Log in and go in your profile page.
  • Share the link via email or any social media by clicking on the relevant buttons
  • Once your friends booked a cleaning, you will get CHF20 as a credit on your account for your next cleaning and your friends will book their first cleaning with CHF20 voucher he or she receives automatically.


Can I sponsor as many people as I want to ?


You can earn credit by referring a friend as many times as you want to. Your friend should be a first-time customer though and well...as mentioned on our Terms of use...it has to be a real friend or close contact.

How do the Gift Cards work ?  


If you are looking for an original present, do not look further! Batmaid Gift Cards will make new homes shine. Purchase your CHF20 or CHF50 gift cards online (top of homepage)  in your profile.

Gift cards display a unique discount code that all users can apply on their bookings.

Can I use gift cards for my own account ?


Sure, you can use the discount code mentioned on the Card for your next booking. If you already have an ongoing cleaning recurrence with Batmaid, please contact us.

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