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How do I pay for my cleaning services?


You can pay online for each new booking. If you booked with a frequency, then your credit card will be automatically charged 36 hours after each cleaning has taken place. Therefore, you do not need to go on the site and pay again provided your credit card details are up-to-date.

For recurring cleaning payments you must use a credit card. For single cleanings, you can also use Paypal, Sofort or Postfinance.

What are the different and safe payment methods?


All payments made on Batmaid website are safe & secure. Regardless of your payment method, we partnered with the best payment providers in order to give you full satisfaction.

Batmaid offers various secured payment methods like credit cards: Visa, Mastercard and American Express. Postfinance, Paypal and Sofort are also offered.

Can I pay for several cleanings in advance? 


You will always be charged within 48 hours after each cleaning takes place. If your employee does more or fewer hours, then it will let the system make the modification.

Gift cards are the best way to credit your Batmaid account in advance. Your credit will be allocated to all future cleanings.

Where do I see my Batmaid credit balance?


Your Batmaid credit balance is displayed on your profile in your Batmaid account. If it shows zero and you booked with an up-to-date credit card, do not worry as your card will automatically be charged 36 hours after each cleaning takes place.

Check out our Sponsorship and Gift Cards section!

How do I use my Batmaid credits (Batcoin)?


Your Batmaid credits will automatically be used for your upcoming cleanings.

How does the pricing work?


Prices displayed are for one cleaning and are based on a number of hours – minimum 2 hours – multiplied by the hourly price.

Regularly scheduled cleanings such as “Weekly” or “Every Two Weeks” are offered at a discount versus “Once” cleanings.  If you want to benefit from the best prices and enjoy peace of mind, Batmaid encourages you to book a recurring cleaning.

Your price includes everything from the salary of your employee to the payment of social security contributions, insurances and declaration service.

Category Rates Amount
Customer price   CHF      32.00
VAT Payment fees Commission 21.31% (from final price) CHF      6.82
Super Gross salary   CHF      25.18
AHV / AI / APG 5.275% CHF      1.19
Unemployment insurance (AC) 1.100% CHF      0.25
Family Compensation 2.830% CHF      0.64
Professional Accident Insurance 1.110% CHF      0.25
PC-Amat 0.06% CHF      0.01
Administrative Fees 0.25% CHF      0.06
Non-professional Accident Insurance  0.895% CHF      0.20
Gross Salary   CHF      20.84
Holidays (8.33%)   CHF      1.74
AHV / AI / APG 5.275% CHF      1.19
Unemployment insurance (AC) 1.100% CHF      0.25
PC-Amat 0.06% CHF      0.01
Source Taxation 5.00% CHF      1.13
Net Salary   CHF      20.00


What’s included in my payment?


Your payment includes your employee’s salary, all their social insurances such as AHV/IV/EO (AVS), its LAA accident insurances, their withholding tax, the Batmaid Declaration & Trust Service of your new employment relationship and issuance of pay slips and wage statements.

When will my credit card be charged?


Your credit card will be charged 48 hours after each cleaning takes place.

With Sofort, Paypal and Postfinance, your bank account will be charged immediately.

How do I change my credit card information?


Log in to your account, head to your ''profile'' tab and edit your payment information as necessary.

Do I need to tip my experienced Batmaid cleaner?


No, you don’t. As the only employer of your cleaning lady, you just need to pay the salary which is already included in the price you pay online. We are soon putting in place a tip system, where you will be able to tip your employee if you wish, in order to encourage them.

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