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What's included in my cleaning?


All cleaning services include the common areas, the living room, the dining room and the kitchen. The floors will be cleaned, dust will be removed and your kitchen will shine again. We need to know the number of bedrooms and bathrooms to customize your needs further and make sure your trusted cleaner has enough time to do the cleaning accordingly.

To have all details about the content of your cleaning, click here.

In case you have a huge dwelling or if your flat is extremely dirty, we encourage you to indicate priorities in your Special Instructions.

For a deeper cleaning, you can also select some extras that will increase your duration such as interior window cleaning, cabinet cleaning, oven cleaning, fridge cleaning, cabinet cleaning or laundry wash & dry. To read more about your cleaning extras, click here.

Do you cover my city?


Batmaid cleaning services is developing quite fast geographically. To check if your area is covered, please enter your ZIP code on the first page. If your area is covered, you will land directly on the second page where you tell us more details about your booking. If this is not the case, you will be asked to enter your email address and you will be notified whenever Batmaid services are available in your area.

What are cleaning extras?


Cleaning extras can be selected at the second step of the booking process. Each selection adds between 30 minutes to 1 hour of cleaning duration. A window cleaning will make your interior windows shine. A cabinet cleaning will clean the inside part of your kitchen cabinets. An oven or fridge cleaning will make your oven or fridge sparkle. 

To check the full list of products you need to have at home, click on the "necessary cleaning material" link at the bottom of the 2nd page of the booking process.

Who is the employer of the trusted cleaners?


Our clients are the only employers of cleaning agents. The Batmaid platform just facilitates the selection of a relevant trusted cleaner available at your doorstep and takes care of all the paperwork, legal declaration to the SVA, social insurance payments and issue monthly pay slips and annual wage statement. 

Batmaid owned by Vanguard Internet SA just asks its customers to sign the Trust Mandate which is a mandate empowering Vanguard Internet SA to manage all the paperwork related to the declaration, pay slips and social insurance payments related to your employee’s work. This Trust Service is included in the price you pay online. 

Batmaid’s goal is to make your life easier!

What does Batmaid do to legally declare and insure my cleaning agent?


Batmaid does a lot on behalf of its clients to make them save time. Clients, as employer of their cleaning agents, have certain legal duties that Batmaid will take care of, on behalf of clients:

  • Legal declaration to the AHV (AVS) of the new work relationship
  • Payments of the cleaner’s salary made by client through its Batmaid account
  • Payment of all the insurances AHV/IV/EO- related to the number of worked hours
  • Payment of  employee’s withholding tax, if applicable
  • Contracting and payment of the Generali LAA accident insurance on behalf of the employer
  • Issuing of monthly pay slips, annual wage statement and annual payroll statement
  • Issuing of contract of employment between client and selected Batmaid cleaner

By booking a Batmaid cleaner, you will not only save time in selection and paperwork but also you will save cash on insurance costs such as the accident insurance LAA for which we have negotiated much more attractive premiums - hourly ones instead of an annual lump sum.

How does the pricing work?


Prices displayed are for one cleaning and are based on a number of hours – minimum 2 hours – multiplied by the hourly price.

Regularly scheduled cleanings such as “Weekly” or “Every Two Weeks” are offered at a discount versus “Once” cleanings. If you want to benefit from the best prices, Batmaid encourages you to book a recurring cleaning. 

Your price includes everything from the cleaning service to the payment of social insurances and declaration service. 

Will the same Batmaid show up every time?


If you select a cleaning with a frequency (weekly, every two weeks, monthly) your cleaner will always be the same. In case of sickness or absence of your employee, another Batmaid trusted cleaner will replace her temporarily – this replacement cleaner will receive the same instructions and you should not notice any difference in the cleaning quality.

In case you book a cleaning just for once, our system will find the most relevant match: a trusted cleaner who passed our demanding selection process, located in your area and fully available for your selected time slots now and in the future.

Watch our video for more details!

Do you have a mobile app?


The Batmaid App for iOS and Androids will soon be available! Stay tuned!

In the meantime, the mobile version of our website works well!

When can I expect my housekeeper to arrive?


All trusted Batmaid cleaners are to arrive at the time specified by you. In the event your employee reaches your home later than scheduled, they will stay to carry out cleaning for the agreed duration. 

Call us in case of extended waiting time.

Does Batmaid do end of tenancy cleanings?


End-of-tenancy cleanings are very different than classic regular cleanings. They are longer and more complex.

Batmaid can offer this service but without any guarantee towards the real estate agency. 

Do Batmaid cleaners bring their own supplies and cleaning materials?


No, Batmaid helps you to hire a cleaning lady only so you need to purchase your own supplies. To check if you have all required cleaning products at home, go to the bottom of the 2nd step of the booking process about "necessary cleaning materials".

You can purchase your supplies online via our partner Leshop.ch.

How many services can I book on Batmaid?


You can book your home cleaning online just for once or with a chosen frequency. Your Batmaid will automatically be legally declared and paperwork will be taken care of on your behalf. Batmaid also takes care of all insurances (through the ALTN) and social security contributions related to your employee's work. This Trust Service (Fiducie) is included in the cleaning service and in the price you pay online.

You can still declare your existing cleaning agent using our services by contacting us.

Other services will come at a later stage. 

Can Batmaid clean my AirBnb rentals?


Do you rent your home through Airbnb? Batmaid will help make your business thrive!

Our conditions are the same as your standard cleanings :

  • You can cancel or modify your bookings as per your convenience on your Batmaid account, and this for free upto 48 hours before the cleaning
  • You can choose your preferred Batmaid (depending on her availabilities). As she knows your home, it will help to get a premium service for your guests
  • You benefit from the same regular price as regular bookings.

To ensure a top-quality service as well as the best possible ratings on the booking apps, here are some important points to have in mind:

  • As regular cleanings, you will supply all products and material
  • You will explain to your Batmaid the specific tasks to be done when you rent your flat : bed sheets change / laundry, settlement of any specific brochure or dishes for your guests
  • If you preferred Batmaid is not available on a last-minute notice and if you get a replacement, please be sure the tasks can be explained to the new Batmaid.
  • Our customer service is closed on weekends, so may we not as reactive as during week days in case of any issue.
  • You will check your Batmaid work to be sure this meets your expectations

As our service does not include any concierge or flat management service, we do not take any responsibility in case of any key management or transfer with your guests.

Your Batmaid team remains at your disposal by phone or email to help you for your AirBnb rentals. 

Can Batmaid clean my Chalet in Switzerland?


Yes, our experienced cleaners are active in Chalet cleaning if you are based in Gstaad, Davos, Verbier or Crans-Montana. Why clean when you could be out making the most of the slopes?

Given the high demand in these areas, you might not find the availability you are looking for. Our HR Team works hard to bring you regular supply of new maids.

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