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What is the Batmaid cancellation policy? 


The trust mandate with Vanguard Internet SA can be terminated in writing at any time within 48 hours.

The tacit employment contract with your cleaning staff can be terminated within the statutory time limits based on the duration of your employment relationship with them:
- 0-3 months: 7 days
- 4-12 months: 1 month delay
- 1-9 years: 2 months delay

The legal time limits may, however, be disregarded in the following cases:
- Setting another termination date (immediate or otherwise) on the basis of a mutual agreement with your employee, or
- Termination with immediate effect, if you have been robbed or if your employee has received 3 warnings from you.

During the notice period you have the choice between :
- Continuing to have your cleanings as usual
- Stopping the cleanings while continuing to pay your employee

In order to avoid any subsequent disputes, we recommend that you terminate the employment relationship in writing. If necessary, we can provide you with templates.

If you have selected a frequency, you can cancel your cleanings one by one from your account page. If you wish to terminate your whole contract (all cleanings with a regular frequency), please contact us.

For more information, please write to us by e-mail at client@batmaid.com.

What papers should I sign to have my employee legally work at home?


Batmaid is owned by Vanguard Internet SA just asks its customers to sign the Trust Mandate which is a mandate allowing Vanguard Internet SA to deal with all the paperwork related to the legal declaration, payslips and social security contributions related to your employee’s work. This Trust Service is included in the price you pay online.

Batmaid’s goal is to make your life easier!

Where can I find cleaners?


You can find the ZIP codes where trusted cleaners are available on the home page, under the ZIP code box.

When are the Batmaid offices open?


Batmaid offices are open from 8:00 to 18:00 from Monday to Friday. So feel free to call us on 41(0) 21 624 54 15 within these time slots.

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